Best 50 Amp Generators

Best 50 Amp Generators: Top Picks for Every Budget

When there is the issue of power outages, a 50-amp generator would be handy for you. Also, you can use it to power up to the RV units without settling a portable generator. It’s probably not powerful enough to run your TV and stove simultaneously. But, it can run many things to save lives for a long time of the blackout. Many generators are out there, but all of them are not the best 50 amp generators brands and models. It’s because all of them have not made for equal power.

And all of them don’t provide the power that you need to operate your household appliances. That’s why we’re here with top ten generators of 50-amp of some top brands that you’ll definitely meet your needs. So, let’s know about them with some related topics.

What Is a 50 Amp Generator?

What Is a 50 Amp Generator

It’s simple to understand that you’ll get 50 amps of current from a 50-amp generator. In another term, a 50-amp generator can produce a current of about 8000 to 12000 watts. Besides, the number of its receptacles is another vital spec for the search.

Almost all generators come with a rate of 30-amp that has 30-receptacles. And doubtful producer often labels a 50-amp generator with one accord, even when it comes with just a 30-amp receptacle.

So, you should ensure your 50-amp generator comes with 50-amp receptacles. That means you need to make sure that a 50-amp generator has 8000 to 12000 watts along with 50-amp receptacles.

How to Choose the Right Size 50 Amp Generator?

Firstly, you have to ensure that you need a 50-amp generator with 12000 watts of output for your house or somewhere else. Consider all of the appliances that you like to power up in the event of power outages.

You should also think about how many of them you need to power up at the same time. Another considerable thing is that the running and starting watts of a generator. It’s starting watts essential to start the appliances and the maximum watts a generator may generate.

The running watts should be the watts that need to keep thins running. As a result, you have to pay deep attention to the numbers to ensure the generator comes with enough power to run all of your stuff.

Also, you have to consider while buying a portable generator includes its fuel type and runtime. Moreover, don’t overlook to think about the safety and convenience features that every model and brand offers.


Top Best 50 Amp Generators Review

Using a 50-amp generator is a great way to get sufficient power to keep continuing your household items. It’s vital backup power for your company or business to get a non-stop power supply when it’s a tough time. Now, let’s know about the top ten best 50-amp generators below:

1. DuroMax XP12000EH Generator 12000 Watts Gas or Propane Powered

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DuroMax presents a great identical generator to its other counterpart. It also comes with the features that are common in its series. These include workhorse of dual-fuel, versatile power source, latest MX2 power technology, and more.

Moreover, the XP12000EH of DuroMax has equipped with a system of soundly complementing. That’s why this unit is at first on the list. If you ask about its dual power, it provides the least drawbacks. Among them, the one that stands out is the propane power source.

As the natural property, propane comes with the largest storage life. As a result, it doesn’t mess and sticks in the generator’s carburetor. It bends more to a system of propane-induced because the XP12000EH clearly maintains and endorses the power section of propane.

When it comes to its gas power section, it also runs well with this fuel. An OHV engine makes the generator of 457cc. It runs to recompense for the missing 2cc mark, reconciling at a rank of 18 HP.

So, it’ll not be less performing than another one of the series like the XP13000EH model. It’s because it has the same engine with the same capacity and volt receptacles, and motor speed. Thus, this generator will be more deafening than its previous version.


  • Dual Fuel
  • Versatile Power Source
  • Highly Portable
  • Great Propane Outputs


  • A bit noisier motor

2. Firman H08051 10000/8000 Watt 30/50A Electric Start Portable Generator

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The Firman H08051 is one of the best 50 amp generators on this list. That’s why it has secured the second position here. It has equipped with dual duel capacity with an 8000 running and 10000 starting watts on gasoline.

And it has 7250 running and 9050 starting watts if you fuel it up with propane. So, it’s a type of generator you can use it for the most types of the household appliance with ease. The unit has a neat and simple look that boosts strong construction with a handle and steel frame.

As a result, this is simple to lug the 221lbs of weight with a wheel kit of 10 inches. Another most stunning feature of the generator is its larger 8-gallon gas tank. Its larger gas tank is beneficial, and it can run up to 112 hours at its half load.

It’s quite striking, bearing in mind that the quantity of power it can give at 50%. It’s easy to start because it comes with a simple push-button. Apart from its push button, it also has a pull cord if you need to start the push-button for any reason.

Like the first generator of the list, the Firman also same louder with its 74dB. It might be a bit noisier in this list, but it’s not much if you compare other models in the market.


  • Dual fuel
  • Higher power output
  • Moderately low priced
  • User-friendly


  • Not very well known brand

3. WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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When you’re searching for a good model of generators for an RV that is not expensive, you have found the right one. Yes, The WEN 56380i is the type of generator that comes at an affordable price. But, it doesn’t mean it’s a poor performer because of its lower price.

Indeed, it’s the latest released inverter generator with 3800 watts. The generator has been made specifically for trail travelers. Many reviews from its users have proven that this is one of the best power generators for RV so far in the market.

Moreover, it regularly sells for just a small part of the cost of expensive 3000-watt inverter generators such as Honda EU3000is. This is a great feature that alone can make the WEN 56380i is a real winner.

Now, you may ask how good the generator is. It’s also a clear winner in this sector as you’ll find lots of positive reviews of its winner. You’ll find it the best piece of the generator if you look at its other features. Among the major and significant features, the generator is quieter than most others in this list.

Again, it’s inexpensive to buy along with full ready for RV. Most importantly, the generator comes with a higher recommendation for someone seeking an affordable and solid transportable model for your camper van.


  • Highly reliable & smooth
  • Advanced rush protector
  • Most excellent backup generator
  • Solid wheels


  • A bit heavier

4. WEN DF475T Dual Fuel 120V/240V Portable Generator

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The DF475T of WEN is another entry from this manufacturer. Like its other previous model, it’s also a dual fuel type of generator. It’s useful for emergencies like power outages, camping, and in the worksite.

With a 4-gallon capacity tank, this dual system generator has the ability to supply 11 hours of electricity when you in blackouts. Also, it provides another 7 hours when you’re switching to propane with the twenty-gallon tank.

When your gasoline is not available, it’s a perfect way to overcome emergencies. It has a bit dipped when it comes to its wattage while running on another propane fuel compared to gas. You’ll get 3800 watts when you run it through gasoline and 3500 watts from propane.

Its surge watts are 4750 for gasoline and 4350 for propane. The differences are not a big issue if you compare its benefits that this dual fuel generator provides.

The unit comes with an electric start that can fire up its 4-stroke 224cc OHV engine. No matter it’s not a well-known brand like Honda, it’s a Chinese brand with lots of good reviews from its hundreds of users worldwide.

The generator is a solid and real runner that has very few issues. Among other great features, the unit is easy to fuel selector switch, two outlets of 20Amp 120V, and 240V and 120V voltage selecting mode.


  • Included several kits
  • Quiet in operation
  • Affordable in price
  • Durable & reliable


  • Some reports of damaged shipments.

5. WEN DF1100T 120V/240V 11,000-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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Since 1951, the model of WEN DF1100T is improving its life quality. This way, it has been hailed by lots of review websites as an item “classic” generator. Also, we have ranked it on our list as one of the best value items.

The generator is well-known for the immediate capability to power up tools and devices in your house. As a result, the generator has drawn strength from two different sources, including gas and LPG.

By fully boosting the engine’s power source, its duel power offers users to choose a way of reducing their cost. With an electric starting key, all of its features are handy for its users. The startup mechanism of this unit is proven despite some doubts.

Its doubt is controlling power surges are about to happen during fluctuations. Also, its keyed mechanism is ready to improve propane performance ultimately. This high-quality 50-amp generator has inserted with 7,500 running and 9,500 starting watts because of improved propane performance.

Now, it’s for LPG and gasoline options; it has 8300 running wattages along with 11000 surge watts. It comes with a 4-stroke OHV, air-cooled engine runs with a higher RPM. But it automates the 4-stroke operation to silent the engine when it runs around 3600 RPM.


  • Electric powered start
  • Voltage Capacity120 & 240
  • Includes outlet of twist lock
  • Dual fuel operation


  • Loose motors

6. Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Portable 8000 Rated 10000 Peak Watts Generator

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This generator of the Pulsar brand comes with big output along with a large run time. It has the option of instant changing its fuel source. And you can do it without getting off the engine because of its Switch & Go technology.

As a result, you can switch to another fuel tank when one of its fuels is run out. It just needs to turn its knob and switch to another alternative fuel to continue running the engine. It’s an essential feature when you need a non-stop power supply in the outages.

Also, the gasoline of this generator can power up about 12 hours continuously. Besides, its propane can give you a half load of gasoline. Among other great features, the major one is its power outlets. It has 4 outlets of 120 volts.

So, you’ll get options of plugging in lots of electric appliances simultaneously. All this you’ll get at a reasonable price means the generator is affordable for most people. In a proportion of its technological features and capacity, you’ll get it in the best value.

Again, its latest technology allows you to switch the generator to its two different fuel modes without missing anything. It has some other great features. These include its never-flat wheels, long-lasting steel frame, and handy handles that make it easy to store when you do not use the unit.


  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Great value for money
  • Latest technology
  • Four power outlets


  • The output is not stable

7. A-iPower SUA12000E 12,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Generator

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If you’re looking for a keyless and single-touch generator, you can take A-iPower SUA12000E. It provides power in the way most other generators can’t. The generator has backed-up as well as designed to power your standby units up impulsively.

It’s the first choice of some top-rated building sites. This unit is also suitable for using many other difficult places where there is no electricity or outages of power supply several times. That means it’s a great solution for the place where you need constant backup.

Coming at seventh in the list, the generator is equipped with a powerful 459cc engine. It’s a particular engine and a mark that uses slim motors and energizes some other motors. Even some users have claimed to operate their vehicles successfully using this generator.

Possessing premium quality output and identical expenses with well-known brands, the model’s energy sharing manufacturer is often explained as smooth, efficient, and economizing.

Apart from these, its productivity alternators preserve a noise transfer of energy from one line to another. Indeed, this is a unique generator for the USB adapter and plug of DC adapter plug.

This model’s additional feature confirms to be a major accomplishment despite getting considered by many users as think. Along with a keyless electric start, this generator provides 12000 startup and 9000 sustain watts.


  • Heavyweight back-up
  • Powerful engine
  • Premium output
  • USB adapter & DC adapter plug


  • It needs high maintenance

8. Rainier R12000DF Dual Fuel (Gas and Propane) Portable Generator

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Coming from the Outdoor Power Equipment brand of Rainier, the R12000DF is another great generator that has a dual fuel feature. As this high-capacity engine has many other handy features, it comes at number eight position.

With boosted and naturally powered, this unit not just power up homes and construction sites but also provides energy for different outdoor tools. The generator is very well-known for the limitless power distribution.

It has been confirmed to be consistent when distributing power across different appliances like microwaves, television, ovens, etc., despite its not-so-tough casing. This is a higher maintenance generator, but if you secure it properly, it’ll last longer than any other models on this list.

It comes with grip handles and wheel kits that earned it both CARB and EPA certificates. There is no doubt that it secures a higher position because of an ergonomic item in this list. In terms of placement and portability, it takes place to become so to complete a flexible advantage.

The R12000DF of Rainier has electrically started using different outlets. You’ll be able to run the generator for up to 17 hours for its 6.6 gallons larger fuel tank.

Because of this reason, it prepares you with 25 percent of its whole power load. As it has two power sources, you can run the generator using both gas and propane.


  • Dual fuel engine
  • Higher capacity
  • Reliable Power
  • Limitless power


  • Overheat-Prone

9. DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator, Blue and Black

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Another entry from the DuroMax, the XP10000E, comes with some great features. You’ll get a large number of electricity in comparison with its price tag along with a user-friendliness control panel. With higher amperage tools, the unit is capable of managing heavy loads.

That means the generator has enough power to run most types of home appliances. These include refrigerators, air conditions, lights, and many more. Coming with a powerful 440cc and 18HP OHV engine, it has 3600 RPM.

With 265lbs of weight, the unit comes with a dimension of (40 X 23 X 40) inches in height, width, and length. Also, this generator has a wheel kit along with wheels that never flat. Moreover, it has equipped with a foldable handle that helps you transport from one place to another.

At 50 percent load, its fuel tank offers you about 10 hours of runtime. For its durability, its gasoline-powered engine has made of steel bearing with a cylinder of cast iron.

The unit has a handy electric switch and RV switch along with a shut-off switch of the engine. Again, it has lots of power with 8000 running and 10000 peak watts.

This is enough power to run big home appliances like air conditions, refrigerators, and air compressors. As the generator is EPA and CARB approved, you can use it in all USA states.


  • Versatile
  • Electric start
  • RV ready
  • Powerful engine


  • Heavy & bulky

10. Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator, Orange, Black

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Finally, we have the GP8000E of the Generac brand that comes from the Generac XG series. The generator provides a great balance between price, performance, and features of user-friendliness. It’s not just suitable for emergencies; it’s also great for DIY projects.

But, the drawback of this unit is that this is not CARB compliant, so you can’t use it in California. With incorporated full-pressure oil and lubrication filter for sturdiness, this machine runs on the Generac’s original OHVI engine.

It’s a 300-pound generator with measurements of (30×29.5×31) inches. Also, it has an ergonomic design with a folding handle and tires with never-flat features. All these make this unit possible to move with ease.

Although this manufacturer has not stated anything about its sound decibel, most of its similar model users said it’s not very noisy. With 10000 running watts, the peak power of the generator is 12500 watts.

Coming with a 10-gallon full tank fuel capacity, this unit can non stop power up for 10 hours with 50 percent of its load. You can easily use it even at night as it comes with LED light bulbs on the control panel.

Provided output outlets have protected from dust, rugged, and debris while working. In the box, you’ll get the generator with wheel kit, handles, first oil supply, and a user manual. It will be simpler to tie it to a home using a moving switch as this generator is ready with a transfer switch.


  • It’s versatile
  • Lighted control panel
  • Big fuel tank
  • Hour meter


  • Heavy

Buying Guide For 50 Amp Generators

You may run any job site, and for some other reason, you need a generator. Before purchasing it, you need to know about it in detail. Here you’ll find some vital information about it. Follow this for detailed information. It will help you to get a better generator.

Outlets and Power

Firstly, you have to find out how much outlets and power you will need for your activities. Without knowing it, you can’t decide what your need is? Also, a portable generator can have both running watts and starting watts.

A running watt can show you the delivery process. On the other hand, a starting watt can show you the time. How long time you will need to finish the activity will show you that system. Moreover, you need to know the outlet’s type that you will need.

The smaller generator has outlets of 120V AC. Even it has 1 or 2 USB ports as well. But the large generator has outlets around 240V and 120V AC.

Plus, it has USB ports also. The most important thing is the generator will place outside while using it. This is mandatory for the outlets of GFCI protected. Here you will know more about it.

Frequency Using

However, the maximum generator manufacturer provides a warranty for several years. So, if you need the generator for emergency usage, then you can select any brand generator.

But if you are looking for a generator that you will use for the job site, you need to find a commercial generator. So, know the differences between them using process, and then purchase one. Always try to find the one which will provide more warranty time for the generator.

Tank and Fuel Type

Though, the Gasoline generator is a prevalent one. But the solar power generator is also there. Such kind of generator is expensive and provides power over 1800 watts. If you select the fuel type generator, it will provide your expected power to the entire house.

Also, diesel is expensive. Also, it becomes harder while coming. But it can cancel the carburetor need that clogs often. Gas generator and propane generator may convert the propane, and that is a great option as well.

Well, you may want to know about the fuel tank’s size. If the tank is bigger, the generator may run for more time. The maximum generator gives you time around 7 to 9 hours.

If you have any confusion, you can select the generator with a bigger tank for more capacity. The minor information is about the material of a fuel tank. Few of them are metal, and others are plastic. But the plastic one is better for running for a long time.

Noise Level and Start-Up

However, you will find out the portable generator that comes with the traditional electric startup. It is an excellent option for all emergencies. Select a portable generator as it has a great switch of electrical start. It is very smooth and nice.

There are 2 factors for the noise condition of the generator. You will get many more options for the generator. But the smaller one is the best option for portability and design.

This will not make much noise, and you will not face any difficulties for that. If the generator makes a loud noise, then your neighbor will complain. So, you can select the generator which does not make a loud noise.

Sometimes you want to select the large one with higher and 4000 watts. It can make a bit loud noise. If the fuel is not good, then it can make a loud noise as well. Diesel fuel makes a louder noise than the regular one.

FAQs & Answers Sections

You will get some common questions and the answers to them. So, check it.

What size generator do I need for 50 amps?

Additionally, you can select the 4000 watts generator for the 50 amps RV. This is a minimum size generator. Besides, it can provide you with the expected power of yours.

How many watts are 50 amps?

The 50 amps can supply watts around 12,000. Again, the 50 amps plug has two 120V hot wires for better usage.

Can you run a 50 amp RV on a 30 amp generator?

Therefore, you may plug the 50 amps RV into the 30 amps electrical services. It would be best if you were conservative while using the RV’s appliances. This is the right way to use a generator.

What is the difference between a 30 amp and a 50 amp generator?

The 30 amps plug has three prongs. These are the 120V hot Wire, the ground wire, and the natural wire. It uses for the lower loads. Besides, the 50 amps plug has four prongs.

These are two 120V hot wires, the ground wire, and the natural wire. It can supply two separate 50 amps 120V.

Will a 3500-watt generator run a 50 amp camper?

Off course! The 3500 watts can run the RV. Well, it runs for all sizes RV. Moreover, it can run many appliances at a time. But you can face some issues while running all appliances together.


We are at the end of the content regarding the best 50 Amp generators. You will need the generator for various purposes. But, at first, know the need and the capacity of the generator. Then you can decide the one that you need. Also, see the usage of the generator, and then you can select it.

Otherwise, you may choose the wrong generator for your work. Like the 50 amps, outlets are not for home. So, if you select this one for your home, then it will be a problem. The 50 amps generator is perfect for the job site. Plus, check the size of the tank.

If you need to run the generator for a long time, you will need a large tank generator. If you need a small tank, then select that kind of generator. Last but not the list, select the generator which has a long time warranty.

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