The 10 Best 4000 Watt Generator Review

When you look for a perfect solution to the power outage issue, a 4000-watt generator is the right fit for you. It’s enough for a medium-sized house to generate enough electric power to operate your useful home appliances.

While running the best 4000 watt generator, you can switch on most types of household tools. The tools include a refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, and a coffee maker and toaster simultaneously.

So, a lot of people prefer to use this type of generator to solve a power cut issue. Another excellent reason for using this generator is that it’s portable. You can bring it wherever you need it in case of a power supply issue.

If you’re seeking such an excellent solution to the outage issue, you don’t need to be worried. We’re going to review the top 10 and best generator of 4000 watts.

Top 10 Best 4000 Watt Generator Review

To help you choose your preferred 4000-watt generator, we’re here with the top ten generators for your consideration. You can use these generators anywhere from powering your AC to a farmhouse.

In these reviews, we have included different models that come with a great return of money. Let’s dive into the products:

1. DuroMax New_XP4000S Refurbished 4000W Portable Gas Engine Generator

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The XP4000S of Duromax comes with a powerful engine. So, it’s a great power source when you’re in an emergency due to a power cut. The generator is not just suitable for household activities; it’s also perfect for outdoor activities.

That means the tool is suitable for outdoor activities like a construction site, camping, and many more. The generator runs by gas power with a fuel tank of 3.96 gallons. The most stunning point of this generator is its fuel efficiency. It can run 12 hours with its 50% fuel capacity.

The unit is CARB and EPA compliant, which means you can use it in California and at its national parks. There is one drawback of the machine is its weight – its weight is 120lbs. It doesn’t come with a hand or wheels to bring it from one place to another with ease.

However, the generator is excellent for power supply when you need to overcome load shedding. The peak of the unit is 4000 watts, and it can run up to 3500 watts.

It’s easy to start with its turnkey that’s a bit different from some other models available in the market. The generator is a bit loud with 69dBs, which may bother you. But, it’s a great power source when you need it in the event of a power outage.


  • The peak is 4000 watts
  • Fuel efficiency
  • EPA & CARB compliant
  • Powerful engine


  • A bit weighty

2. Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready DH Series Open Frame Inverter Generator

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If you’re seeking a powerful and great generator for household and outdoor use, then the Champion is a real champ. You not just can power up your RV; it’s an inexpensive way to overcome the issue of a power outage.

Having this generator is meant you’re all set to run your most household tools. These tools include a refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, and a coffee maker and toaster simultaneously. It’s the previous model, this one also has a peak of 4000 watts, and it can run up to 3500 watts.

It’s a gas-operated generator that comes with a fuel tank of 2.9 gallons. It can run about 17 hours if you activate its economy switch. It’s because it is equipped with a lower oil consumption mode.

This low oil sensor will also help you prevent the engine’s possible damage due to run out of fuel. The unit produces lower sound with 64 dBA, which is slightly lower than the previous one of this list.

The sound is a bit lower as the electrical load reduces and idle its engine when you run it in economy mode. Also, the generator is suitable for power supply when you need to overcome the load shedding.


  • Economy mode
  • 3-year warranty
  • Clean power
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit higher noise level

3. A-iPower AP4000 4,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Manual Start Generator

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Are you looking for an American generator brand? So, it would be best if you chose A-iPower AP4000. It’s a product of the U.S Company that’s headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

The manufacturer is producing generators for more than 20 years, and this one is an excellent product from their product line. While the latest line starts with SUA, its innovative generators come with names that start with SU.

The AP4000 of A-iPower has a steel-made framework with big never-flat tires that make a discernment of robust construction. It’s a portable generator that’s a great product overall. Its producer looks for filling the vacuum produced by the requirement for reasonably priced generators.

So, it meets the reliability and performance needs of consumers. We think that AP4000 has filled its gap fruitfully in our scrutiny of the structure performance and details.

The generator comes with a beautiful frame design and a properly laid out power panel from a structure superiority standpoint. For easy maneuverability and portability, all other types of generators have non-air wheels with foldable handles except for inverter generators.

The generator is not just effortless to start; it’s also run smoothly. Among other great features, the major one is its fuel-efficiency. That means the engine helps you save some bucks.


  • Fuel-efficiency
  • Sturdily built
  • Instinctive control panel
  • Sturdy wheels


  • It’s a bit heavier

4. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator, Yellow/Black

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Now we will present one portable generator, and that is the DS4000S DuroStar multipurpose machine. If you need a generator for the building worksite, this will be the right choice. Initially, we need to tell you that this generator provides a tank that contains 3.95 gallons.

This machine will ensure you a long run generator. That means your engine will never go empty. Even you will able to use it 8 hours continuously when the capacity is 50%. Let’s present some features of this generator.

First of all, the DS4000S generator comes with one indicator light that helps your machine shut down automatically when the oil level is low. Indeed, it helps a lot to protect the machine from damage.

Also, the starting watts of this generator are 4000, and the running watts is 3300. However, this machine’s weight is 941bs, which means it is heavier than other generators.

Now let’s talk about the sound level of this machine. The sound level is 69 dBA that comes from 22 feet. We cannot but share that the sound level can be one problem who wants to go for the quiet machine.


  • Best for home backup
  • Best for construction worksite
  • Auto shutdown mechanism to protect the machine
  • Run 8 hours continuously


  • Little bit noisy

5. WEN GN400i RV-Ready 4000-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator

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If you are searching to buy one lightweight and powerful generator, then the GN400i of WEN will be a great choice for you. Usually, you will get many small and lightweight generators in the market that help run sensitive electronics.

But our advice is to go for the WEN inverter generator. We have checked many reviews of this machine and found it the best one among all the lightweight machines. It is an open frame machine that comes with 30% less rather than 71.50 1bs regular units.

It comes with 4000 starting watts, and the running watts of this machine are 3500. Also, this machine comes with a 1.80 gallon that helps your engine to run 7 hours continuously. It has another fantastic thing that this machine is that it comes with one indicator light.

Mainly, it works for you as an alarm. The indicator light will tell you when your engine needs fuel. Also, it will remind you to recharge the machine. The sound level of this machine is fantastic.

Many users consider this device as quieter than other machines. So, one can easily select this device for camping. Also, users think this is the safest machine that can run sensitive electronics.


  • Quieter
  • Lightweight
  • Parallel capable
  • Best for the sensitive device


  • The tank is a little bit small

6. Honda 4,000 Watt Gas Powered Home RV Portable Generator EG4000

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Now let’s talk about another portable generator that comes from the Honda brand. Firstly, this machine was manufactured in Japan. That ensures the reliable, most efficient fuel and quieter engine.

Everyone knows that the Honda machine comes with the latest and best technologies. Not only this, the Honda device is very durable and robust. So we think that there will be no doubt to go for the Honda machine.

One must go for this machine if you want to use a portable machine due to its durability and reliability. Moreover, it comes with open frame features and inverter models. That ensures a large capacity of fuel.

That is why you do not need to refuel your machine again and again. You can select this machine for camping as well. It can run for more than 7 hours continuously. Most importantly, it is a silent machine that is why it is best for outdoor tours.

Also, you can easily carry this device for tailgating parties and camping grounds. We have talked with many users, and they love this machine for its reliable and soundless features, lightweight, and long-lasting. So, if you go to this machine, you will never be upset.


  • Durable
  • Well built
  • Quite
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

7. Sportsman GEN4000LPC 4000 Watt LP Generator

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It is time to present one outdoor generator that also comes with a multipurpose function. And the machine is “GEN4000DF”. Mainly, this machine is best for every event and outdoor activities. Indeed, this machine is very comfortable to use.

The exciting thing is that one can run this device with both gas and propane. You will be amazed to know that this machine can run for more than 10 hours. Also, this machine comes with an engine of 212cc OHV with the EPA approval.

Moreover, the peak of the machine is 4000 watts, and running power is 3500 watts. Another interesting point is that this device comes with a 90lbs weight. That means if you buy this device, you will get one of the lighter devices.

Now let’s talk about the sound system of this device. It makes 69 dBA, which means you can consider it as a quieter device. You will get six outlets on this machine. Firstly, you will get four outlets for 120V.

Also, one outlet comes with the RV 120V, and another one comes with the DC 12V. Last but not least, you will get a few safety features with this device.

For example, you will get one oil indicator. It will help you to know when you need to refuel the machine. Also, your machine will auto shut down when it needs to protect the engine.


  • Accept propane and gas
  • Cheap
  • Safety features
  • Lighter


  • Missing wheel kit

8. XtremepowerUS 4000-Watt Gasoline Generator

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If you are looking for one generator for emergency time, you are in the right place. We will now present such a machine that is famous for backup power and emergency work. Firstly, we need to tell you that this machine will provide 10 hours of continuous service.

Many users consider this device as one ideal machine that is best for building sites and tailgates. Another essential thing is this machine ensures easy and safe operation. Not only this, all the features of this device are user-friendly.

Also, it comes with a power panel that is fully loaded. You will get one shutoff switch, circuit breakers, and voltmeter with the panel. That means it is a powerful machine that comes with 4000 watts.

Another thing is that the engine of this device comes with DC and AC output. In a word, you can power and charge multiple machines at once.

We cannot but share that this machine comes with a lower price and extra long-lasting. So, our advice is to go to this fantastic machine that will make your emergency work easy.


  • Efficient
  • Remote starting
  • Parallel capability
  • Low price


  • Excessive low weight

9. All Power America APGG4000 4000 Watt Portable Generator Gas Powered

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We want to tell you about the American All Power portable machine. Firstly, it very lightweight and durable machine that ensures undeniable power. This machine is best for tailgating, camping, and mobile home.

This machine starts with 4000 watts with one 208cc OHV engine. Another thing about it is that it can run for around 7 hours continuously. However, you need only gasoline (4 gallons) to run the machine. That makes your engine easy to transport and use.

This brand uses quiet tech that ensures less sound when the machine runs. AnothOne of the fantastic things about this machine is that it is CARB compliant and EPA certified.

Moreover, you will get one optional kit that will help you to increase power. This device comes with inverter tech and open frame features that make it more durable. Many people are using this device due to its reliable performance.

Also, they are happy to get the wheel kit with this machine. Indeed, the wheel kit helps a lot to move the machine here to there. Lastly, we want to tell you that you will get this amazing machine at a low price. So don’t miss out the chance to buy it!


  • Very affordable
  • Provide wheel kit
  • Reliable performance
  • CARB and EPA certified


  • Running time is short

10. A-iPower SUA4000i 4000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Quiet Operation

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Our other great generator is the SUA4000i portable and inventor device that ensures quiet, efficient, and clean service. Also, you can call it one multipurpose machine. Firstly, it comes with a starting power of 4000 watts, and the running power is 3500 watts.

This machine will also be best for camping, power outages, and RV use. However, this machine’s noise level is 65 decibels that ensure the normal sound range as this device has inverter technology to provide a safe and clean service for your sensitive tools.

For example, it is safe for tablets, computers, televisions, and phones. Another thing is that this machine is very lightweight, that is why one can carry it everywhere.

Among other great things, the major one is that machine is you will get some add-ons features with this feature. Usually, you will not get such kind of stuff in the typical generator.

Moreover, SUA4000i provides one meter that can track total usage hours. For the easy using system, you will get one remote too. That will ensure easy use and start the device. Lastly, one will get this machine at a low price.


  • Easy starting ways
  • Quite
  • Low price
  • Safe


  • Cannot start manually

Buying Guide For The 4000 Watt Generator

4000 Watt Generator

You will get many more generators in the market, and the generator of 4000-watt is a popular one. But the central fact is, how will you know which one is best for you? However, selecting the best and perfect generator generally depends on the uses.

For what will you use the generator? The feature is essential, and the budget should be limit. So, if you want to know detailed information about it, here are all the facts. This will help you to select the generator you need and will be the best one.

Fuel Tanks Size

The most critical information, the size of the tank depends on how long the generator will run. If the tank has the 4.5 gal ability, then it will run for a long time. On the other hand, the three gal capacity tank generator will run less time.

Moreover, the small tank will minimize the size, but you need to refill it regularly. Also, the bigger tank can run for a long time and will not supply periodically. Surely it will be large as well.

Power Outlets

Furthermore, never forget to check the outlets and numbers which are available, and it will help you to decide on the right generator for you. If you need the generator for everyday use, then you can select two necessary 120V outputs.

Also, you can choose four to six works for multiple tasks. Moreover, for charge device RV, you should check an RV output.

Power Output

Additionally, power output usually includes running and starting watts. The generator of 4000 watts says about the use of the generator within a few seconds.

Again, the generator’s running wattages are always less than 4000 watts. Also, the run watts effect as well. This is an excellent option for the generator.


Therefore, the generator of 4000 watts has different prices. You can find a generator that will cost around 200 dollars or 800 dollars to 900 dollars. Which type you’ll select will depend on the budget.

Though, if the account is small, then select the cheap model. But if there is no issue with the store then you for the one as you need.

Noise Level

Moreover, the most crucial part is the noise level. Before you purchase one generator, know about it. It is a mandatory thing because if you are not comfortable with it, you will not like to use it.

If the generator is noisy, it will bother you, your neighbors, your families, your parents, and disturb them, so they will feel discomfort and complain. You will not like it also. Of course, you will not want to face such things. Check the generator before purchasing.


Each electronic appliance has a warranty. After purchasing anything, you will not want to face any unwanted issues. So, try to buy it with at least one year warranty. If possible, then go for a two to three years warranty, and that will be a better choice.


That’s all about the best 4000 watt generator with top ten reviews and a buying guide. Did you get your preferred 4000-watt generator from the above-said review? Hopefully, you have got your one. And we’re also sure that some of you might already have one of the reviewed generators.

Some others may find the review helpful for them. If you find your desired piece of the generator, we’ll be so pleased and encouraged to offer you some other essential tools.

If any part of the content makes you confused, knock us through the comment box. We’ll try to resolve your issue as early as possible. Also, you can comment on us if you have any suggestions and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some questions which have been asked frequently and you may want to know about it.

The generator of 4000 watts is good or not?

The generator of 4000-watts usually runs essentially like the stove, refrigerator, or lights in a small house. However, the microwave requires 1000 watts, and the furnace needs around 2000 watts. For the little house, about 8000 watts is necessary. So, the generator is a better option for you.

For RV the generator of 4000-watts is enough or not?

The answer is yes. Most of the RV generator needs electricity around 2000 to 4000 watts. Already you know what you need. So, select the generator which runs well and match your requirement. Also, choose the one which will provide the best output.
Remember that if the unit is higher, the result will not damage less or a small power rig. So, if you have any doubt, go for the big one.

Which one is the quiet generator of 4000-watts?

When you’re looking for a quiet generator, then EG4000 will be the one. This is the most popular quiet generator on the list. The noise level of this generator is 42 to 58 dBA.
While this generator will run, you may sleep well as the noise level is significantly less. It is essential because it will give you comfort and will not create any unwanted issues. This is good, if you need to research more.

How noisy is the generator of predator 4000-watts?

Moreover, this generator’s sound rating is around 70 dBA. Also, the generator is a little louder as this one is operational. This one is similar to the excellent vacuum cleaner that makes a sound while running.

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