Best Generator For 5000 Sq Ft House

Best Generator For 5000 Sq Ft House

What do you think about the size of any generator? Is it the physical size? No, it’s not. Generator size means you need to know the engine capacity and know about the KW (Kilowatt).

However, you may think, if you purchase any wrong generator, what can be the next step? Well, you have made a mistake, and it is costly. If the generator capacity is not enough, you can’t use all appliances you need to use. Moreover, it may ruin the machines you are using.

Even the generator can become damaged as well. But, the question is: what is the best generator for 5000 sq ft house? If you purchase the big one, it will have an unnecessary capacity that you don’t need. Otherwise, you will pay more than you need.

While buying, you spend more, and still, you are paying more. It will be a waste of money. Now, you may think, what should you do? Or, how do people purchase the right generator? Here you will find the answer to your question. Plus, it will help you to choose a suitable generator for the house. So, check it out.

Top 2 Recommendation Best Generator For 5000 Sq Ft House

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Equipment of Power Portable Generator of Ultra Duty WGen12000

Westinghouse Outdoor Equipment of Power Portable Generator of Ultra Duty WGen12000

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The Westinghouse generator of WGen12000 is strong enough, and the generator has a power solution and peak of 15,000 and a watts rate of 12,000. Combined with the receptacle14-50R one, 30-R-L5 outlet one, household outlets 5-20R GFCI four, and USB ports5V two.

Generally speaking, you can use more essentials of the house if you need. However, if you think about the protection and maintenance of the features, it will be fine. The features include Low Oil Auto Shutdown, Idle Control, VFT display, auto voltage regulation.

As the generator starts electrically, you can press the button to turn it on. Moreover, you can use a fob key to avoid any issues. Additionally, the generator has a transfer option for the switch button.

Also, you can operate it from the house. You will get a more robust engine, V-Twin. Most importantly, you will need the tank around 10.5 gallons to use for 16 hours.


  • Strong Engine of V-Twin
  • Ready Transfer Switch
  • Electric Fob Start Key
  • Easy maintenance


  • Tank isn’t big enough.

2. Portable Powered Gas Generator of XP15000E DuroMax

Portable Powered Gas Generator of XP15000E DuroMax

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You will get one year warranty for a commercial factory and three years for residential. Warranty is a plus point for the generator. If you face any issue within the warranty time, you will get help from the company. So, you can purchase the generator of DuroMax.

Moreover, you need to remove the packaging and then add gas and oil. Now, the generator is free to start. Also, the generator is suitable for 5,000 square feet houses. Plus, the engine capacity is strong enough. So, without facing any problem, you can use all the machines you have. If you need a generator, then grab this one.

The loaded panel feature has multiple options, such as 50 A 1 240V outlet, 30A 1 240V outlet, twist-lock 30A 1 120V outlet, and household GFCI 4 120V outlet. Also, you will have a breaker for avoiding overload. Plus, all the features will keep the generator safe.

Furthermore, the generator will provide a fuel tank, and you can easily access it. Therefore, it may run 9 hours, and you need to provide half load. It allows operating all machines in the house, including your AC.


  • Shut-off low oil
  • Mx2 technology
  • Idle technology
  • Strong Duromax engine


  • Costly


Q. The Suitable Generator for the House of 5,000 Square Ft

A. Of course, you know “black-out” is coming. The generator of gasoline-powered will be enough for the 5,000 sq foot house. You can use all machines that you have in the place.

Though, the refrigerator is an essential thing in any home. All types of food you keep there. So, make sure you will discuss it before purchasing the generator.

Q. Where Do You Need to Install the Generator of the House?

A. Additionally, you need to select a suitable place for installing the generator. The maximum manufacturer will suggest you install the generator outside of the house.

Well, keeping a safe distance is also important, and you should install the generator 5feet away from flammable material, vents, windows, and doors. So, keep that in mind and set the generator.

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This is all about the best generator for 5000 sq ft house. The generator is an essential piece of equipment for all places. But, you need to find out the suitable one for your home.

If you feel you can’t select the right one, then contact any professional. You will get accurate information, and it will help you to choose the suitable one.

Never forget about installing process and area. Installing the generator is not less important than purchasing the right one. So, don’t forget and take as many steps as you need.

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