Best Generator For 5000 Sq Ft House

A 5000 square feet home is genuinely a large one. The standard home size in America was roughly 2301 square feet in 2023. So, these statistics show that a 5000 square feet home is 2X larger than the standard one. With a 5000 sq ft, it could even be a smaller 8-bedroom house. So, when picking the generator for such ample space, you must be selective. It is essential that you choose the best generator for a 5000 sq. ft house with accurate electricity capacity.

Usually, a home with such ample space will have multiple fans, ACs, electric room heaters, fridges, stoves, etc. Remember that the generator you choose must be capable of providing electricity to all these home appliances during power cutoff or load shedding.

Following it, we deeply researched the generator market to choose the top two 5000 square feet home generators. These generators have enough capacity of over 10000W. Also, you will find low-oil capacity detection, auto shutoff facility, and more.

So, let’s dive into the discussion deeper and see what we have to offer you.

How Much Electricity Does a 5000 Square Feet House Need?

A 5000 square feet home is prominent and high-electricity consuming in all terms. With such a big home, you will mostly have a 4BHK to a 5BHK setup. Plus, there will be a living room, kitchen, dining, and even a patio setup.

It means every room and place will have an extreme need for electricity. Maybe the home will roughly accommodate a medium room heater in every room or a large central one. Plus, every room will have ACs, fans, and lights.

On top of it, you will find one to two freezers and refrigerators in the room. Next, the kitchen will have an electric stove, microwave oven, etc. You will also find outdoor lighting, charging ports, etc., in different home places.

Taking all these electricity necessities, a home with 5000 square feet of space will require at least 8000W of actual power output from the generator. Experts say a 5000 square feet home will need an average 10000W to 12000W power capacity.

As you see, you will need a bigger residential generator for a home of such magnitude. It makes the selection difficult as most brands don’t manufacture big generators. Following it, we have chosen the top two generators that can provide electricity to almost all the home appliances simultaneously during the load-shedding time.

Top 2 Recommendation Best Generator For 5000 Sq Ft House

1. Westinghouse WGen12000 Home Backup Portable Generator

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With 12000W of running electricity, this WGen portable generator from Westinghouse is truly an engineering masterpiece. It has a 15000W of peak watts as you switch on the generator. In real life, you will get a 12000W power capacity. It is adequate to run almost all home appliances at the same time without any problem.

Whether you have stored food items in the refrigerator or need to run an electric room heater, this machine is ready for all. Also, the consistency this machine has will be helpful for the safe running of the home appliances. Finally, no accidental trip-over of the device will ensure its lifespan.

Next, you will get multiple receptacles and outlets to connect every appliance you require. We loved its rubber cover on the outlets to ensure maximum safety. You will get two GCI receptacles, one 120V outlet, two USB ports with 5V capacity, one 120/240V 14-50R, etc., outlets. We found connecting the home appliance with the outlets superbly accessible during our test.

Moreover, the generator offers plug-and-play functioning. You can start it with a remote or manually. The machine also has a digital hour meter. So, you know for how long the engine is running and how much oil is left in the tank. Once it detects the oil capacity below the rated mark, it will auto-shutoff to prevent damage. It is a great safety feature to ensure maximum security of the generator and devices attached to it.

On top of it, its 713CC OHV V-Twin motor delivers consistent performance. You will love its durability and ability to work for long hours. Its sleeve is made of cast iron. When the sleeves wear out, you can replace their sleeves to help the engine run in full flow. As you don’t need to replace the entire engine, it makes generator maintenance easy and affordable. Its CARB color compliance will protect the machine from external wear and tear.

Finally, with 10.5 gallons of fuel tank, the machine will run for 11 hours continuously. You can run it at 25% capacity if you need more backup. Plus, it runs both in propane and gasoline. It means you have the liberty to choose the more affordable fuel capacity for the machine.

The only drawback we found is its noise. It feels slightly noisy when you run it at full capacity. But, it is understandable because it is a significant generator with a 15000W peak capacity.


  • Push button for quick electric start, including remote start
  • 713CC OHV engine is robust and durable with low-maintenance
  • Runs for 16 hours continuously at 25% load capacity
  • Safety rubber covers at all outlets and receptacles for protection
  • Portable with two large wheels and handle for easy location-transfer


  • Only 10.5-gallon capacity
  • Slightly noisy

2. DuroMax XP15000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Duro Max is undoubtedly one of the leading and best-selling generator manufacturers worldwide. So, you may depend on their generators for consistency, reliability, and high performance. Regarding this, the XP15000E generator is genuinely a special edition in Duro Max’s long production line. It comes with a 15000W peak capacity and a 12000W actual load capacity.

Thus, the generator has more than adequate load capacity to run a whole house of 5000 square feet. In fact, it is large enough to run even a 6000 sq. ft. home with ease. With this machine, you can run electric garage doors, air conditioners, and microwave ovens. It can even run furnaces during winter to warm your home interior.

Besides its impressive 12000W load capacity, the generator has valuable safety features too. Multiple outlets of the generator have rubber covers on their face. It protects the receptacles and outlets from shocks and damage. Plus, you can easily connect the appliances with the receptacles. So it doesn’t need any high-end knowledge of electricity at all.

Moreover, the generator has a low-oil detection sensor. When the generator detects an oil level below the recommended level, it will shut off automatically. Therefore, it is helpful to offer better protection to the machine. On top of it, you will get individual breakers on every power panel. It protects the device from overloading and ensures added safety.

Additionally, its surge-arrest technology offers overloading and heating safety. It also has an all-metal construction with CARM color compliance. So, it remains free from outdoor damage. It is helpful to use the generator in outdoor locations for years. Its V-Twin engine is powerful and low-maintenance too. So, you don’t need to spend substantially on the maintenance and repair of the device. It is a great feature as a 15000W generator is no cheap investment.

Lastly, this generator operates quietly, unlike the Westinghouse WGen12000 generator. So, you will not be disturbed by the additional noise. You will love the peaceful environment even with the generator running at total capacity. However, the generator will lower its power to 25% when not in use to save fuel.

Long story short, this generator is all set to meet every electricity requirement of your home. Also, its easy maintenance and durability make it an ideal choice for the best generator for a 5000 sq ft home.


  • Idle mode lowers its load capacity when not in use to save fuel
  • Low-oil detection sensor with auto-shutoff facility
  • Surge-arrest technology protects it from over-loading inconvenience
  • MX2 technology delivers maximum output to all the receptacles


  • No remote control start
  • At 380 pounds, it is heavy

What to Look For When Buying a Generator for a 5000 Square Feet Home?

You must be picky when you decide to get a generator for a 5000 square feet capacity:

  1. The generator must have adequate load capacity.
  2. It should have a long-running life with a big fuel tank.
  3. It must be capable enough to run long hours without turbulence.

First, you must consider the actual load capacity of the generator. Since you will need the machine to run a 5000 square feet home, you must not compromise the load capacity of the generator. It must be above 10000W. But for better backup, we recommend you get a generator with a 12000W load capacity.

Next, consider the portability of the generator. Technically, generators with such high capacity will weigh over 300 pounds. So, they are primarily improper for portability. Yet, with the large wheels and a carry handle, it can be transported within the home.

You mustn’t also overlook the safety features of the generator. First, look if it has overheating and overload protection. It will ensure safer and more durable use. For instance, our recommended Duro Max generator has surge-arrest technology for protection against overload. Also, check that the outlets and receptacles have a rubber cover to prevent electrical shocks.

The generator must also include a low-oil detecting sensor with an auto-shutoff facility. Or else it may get damaged when running short of fuel. Talking about the fuel, it would be better to choose a generator with dual-fuel capacity. It should run both on gasoline and butane for convenience.

Furthermore, look for an electric and remote control start. If you only choose a generator with a manual start, you have to go outside the home to start the machine. It can be a great inconvenience during storms and hurricanes. Therefore, placing the generator outside your home is crucial to avoid electrical problems.


The best generator for a 5000 sq ft house needs to be highly efficient and capable. Following it, we have recommended the two top-selling and reliable generators with 12000W of load capacity. When there’s a power shortage for hours, you can depend on their performance to illuminate your home. With these two generators, you will no longer have to worry about load shedding.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How big of a generator do I need to power the whole house?

The size of a generator to run a whole house depends on the size of the home. For instance, a 2500 square feet home will require 7500W of running capacity. Also, a 5000 square feet home requires at least 10000W load capacity.

Will a 15000-watt generator run a house?

A 15000W generator will run even the largest homes and apartments with ease. For example, you can efficiently run a 5000 sq. ft to 5000 sq. ft home with a 15000W generator.

Where Do You Need to Install the Generator of the House?

You need to select a suitable place for installing the generator. The maximum manufacturer will suggest you install the generator outside of the house. It ensures that the noise of the machine doesn’t come inside. Keeping a safe distance is also important, and you should install the generator 5-7 feet away from flammable material, vents, windows, and doors. So, keep that in mind and set the generator.

Will a 6500-watt generator run central air?

A whole-house central air conditioning system needs 12000BTU capacity to run correctly. For this, you will need a generator with at least 6000W to 6500W of rated load capacity. If the generator is less powered, it will trip over to cause damage to the central air-conditioner.

How will a 13000-watt generator run a house?

You can run almost everything with a 13000W rated generator. It has enough capacity to run 3 to 4 ACs, two mid-sized freezers, a gas furnace, an electric garage door, etc. So, it will be enough to run every home appliance during a power shortage.

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