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Firman vs Predator Generator: Which Generator You Should Go For?

A good portable generator should have the following qualities: reasonable price, better warranty,and efficiency. But, not every manufacturer offers what you need. Finding the ideal product is therefore essential, which is where Firman and Predator generators come into play.

So, Firman vs Predator Generator, which one should you choose? 

Among the two, Firman generator offers customers with higher running watts, low noise output, better fuel tank capacity,  better engine capacity, and extended warranty periods. On the other hand, Predator generators give extra run time with load, low price range and lighter weight.

We wrote this content to summarize these two generators’ major features.

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firman vs predator generator: A Detail Insight of The Key Features

You can choose which of these generators best fits you by evaluating firman and predator side by side. A detailed insight of the key features is given below in a table to easily understand their comparison.

Key FeaturesFirmanPredator
starting watts1000 -150001400-9500
noise output (dB)58-8160-76
engine (cc)80-76054-459
fuel tank capacity (gallon)0.9-13.30.75-8
Run time with load12-9 hours at 25-50% load18.5-7.3 hours at 25-50% load
weight (lb)45.9-39033-257
warranty (years) and Customer service32

Firman vs Predator: In Depth Comparison

firman vs predator 2000 generator

Firman generators have three different series. They are hybrid series, performance series and whisper series. On the other hand, Predator also provides three different versions. They are Super quiet inverter generator, inverter generator and standard gas powered generator.

That said, let’s get into the details! The following contains detailed explanations of each essential aspect.


When using generators, the output power of the generator should be your first consideration. The problem starts at this point. You will often find two power ratings for generators. They are starting watts and running watts. 

The other name of running watts is rated watts or continuous watts but the other name of starting watts is surge watts or peak watts or beginning watts.

The Rated Watts is the first term. This is the generator’s power output, measured in watts, that it generates to support the regular running of all the appliances. It is sometimes referred to as Running Watts or Continuous Watts.

If the item doesn’t include the operating watt rating, multiply the amps by the volts (W=A x V). You can check the tool or appliance operation handbook or label to get the amps and volts it requires.

Surge Watts, commonly referred to as Peak Watts or Beginning Watts, is a different rating. The generator may start motor-based appliances with a brief burst of high power.

The Beginning Watts or Peak Watts rating of a generator will often be higher than its Running Watts.

The most crucial thing to determine is whether or not the generator can supply the required surge power before adding any motor-based appliances to it.

For instance, you estimated that around 5,000 watts of electricity would be needed to run all of the gadgets you want to use. There are also a few motor-powered devices here (a refrigerator and a water pump).

You calculated the combined power consumption of these two devices at 5,000 Watts without taking into account their Beginning Watts. You are in danger if you made a 6,000-Watt generator purchase using this computation.

You risk damaging the appliance, the generator, or worse, starting a fire if you don’t take surge power or the starting watts of a gadget into account.

So, while determining the size of the generator, always use the Beginning Watts (peak or surge power) of the device or appliance. You can check the wattage reference guide to calculate the watts required to start your motor.

If you want a generator for a smaller scale work to be done, then the Firman whisper series provides 1000 watts of electric power but if more work is to be done, then firman’s performance series will give you a maximum electric power output of 15000 watts.

On the other hand, the Super quiet inverter Predator generator provides 1400 watts for a smaller work environment and up to 9500 watts of electric power for a larger work space. 

Winner: Firman generator

Noise output:

Normally, a generator produces 50 dB to 90 dB of noise levels. 

So, the lower the noise level, the better for the user’s health and environment.

Firman’s hybrid series produces the lowest noise levels of 58 dB for 7500 watts. But performance series produce a maximum of up to 81 dB for 11400 watts.

On the flip side,  Predator’s super quiet inverter generator produces a 60 dB noise level for 1400 watts which is the lowest, and a standard gas-powered generator produces the highest noise level up to 76 dB for 9000 watts.

Winner:  Firman generator


Cubic centimeters (cc) is the ideal unit to measure the size of the generator engine. It is the amount of fuel and air that can be pushed through the cylinders in the engine per unit of time. Generally, the rule of thumb is that the bigger the engine, the more powerful the generator. A larger engine can consume more gasoline per unit of power. Hence, we will get a larger electrical output.

Depending on the generator type, the engines of Firman and predator generators have varying fuel capacities because of the variety in watts.

Firman’s performance series of 7500 watts and whisper series of 1000 watts provide the lowest engine capacity of 80cc. They are good for small appliances in your home. You may also use them for recreational uses like camping or tailgating.

Among the three other series of Firman, the performance series gives the maximum engine capacity of 760cc for 15000 watts. This generator is idea,for powering your next door event, your work site and for your home in the event of any natural disaster like strom.

Predator’s super quiet inverter generator provides the lowest and highest engine capacity of 54cc for 1400 watts and 459cc for 9500 watts.

Super quiet inverter generators are used for emergency home backup. Sometimes it is used for powering mobile businesses such as food trucks. You can also use them for  camping, tailgating, and outdoor recreation.

So in terms of better electrical power output, Firman is one step ahead of Predator. But they have quite similar types of applications.

Winner: Firman generator

Fuel tank capacity:

The fuel tank is the storage of generator fuel that helps to run the engine. The higher the fuel tank capacity, the longer the run times and the less often you have to fill it again.

Firman’s performance series provides the best fuel tank capacity of 13.3 gallons for 15000 watts. In case you face any natural disaster, this generator will be a big asset due to its longer running time.

The Whisper series has a fuel tank capacity of about .9 gallons for 1000 watts which is the lowest. This lowest capacity fuel tank is suitable for the backup power of smaller home appliances during load shedding or even you can also use them for outdoor recreation.

On the other hand, Predators super quiet inverter generators have a capacity of about 0.75 gallons for 1400 watts, and standard gas-powered generators have a maximum of 8 gallons for 9000 watts. You can both use them for camping, tailgating, and outdoor recreation as well as for emergency home backup.

To conclude, firman triumphs over predators due to better fuel tank capacity and longer run time.

Winner: Firman generator

Run time with load:

The amount of power that is being taken by the appliances in your house while the generator is being used is called the load of the generator. 

Fuel is consumed by an engine-powered generator even when there is no electrical load, just like a vehicle does when it is running but not moving. 

According to basic logic, fuel consumption will rise as the electrical load does, and the same is true for a vehicle’s fuel consumption as speed rises. 

All of the electrical energy generated by an engine-powered generator comes from fuel (more energy generated = more fuel consumed). It will use a lot less gasoline to run a few LED lights (maybe 100W) than, say, an electric clothes dryer (5000W.). 

The majority of generator manufacturers provide fuel consumption information for each of their unique models at a percentage of rated power output.

Firman hybrid series run time is about 12-9 hours at 25% load (9400-7500 watts), 11-10 hours at 50% load (11400-7500 watts) for performance series ,and 22-9 hours at 25% load capacity (4500-1000 watts) for whisper series .

For Predator’s super quiet inverter generator run time is about 18.5-7.3 hours at 25% load (9500-1400 watts) , more than 15 hours at 25% load for inverter generator (8750-4400 watts), and 13-9.5 hours at 50% load capacity for standard gas-powered generators (9000-1800 watts).

So, a decision can be made that the Predator has more running time than Firman.

Winner: Predator generator


Another important factor of a generator is its weight. The lighter that product, the easier to carry at any place.

Firman’s hybrid series weight is about 212-90 lb (9400-7500 watts), 390-46 lb for performance series (15000-1300 watts),and 220-45.9 lb for whisper series (4500-1000 watts).

For Predator’s super quiet inverter generator, weight is about 257-33 lb (9500-1400 watts), 151-77 lb for inverter generator (8750-4400 watts), and 195-60 lb for standard gas-powered generators (9000-1800 watts).

As a result, the Predator is much lighter than the Firman. That means it’s easy to carry.

Winner: Predator generator


The price is one of the most crucial variables in your decision. Generator price varies for several factors. All the points mentioned above are some of the key variables for generator pricing.The best value for your money should always be chosen. When comparing pricing, the Firman triumphs over the Predator.

The cost of the Firman generator is quite reasonable. Its starting pricing is in the $380-$2899 range. The Predator generator is marginally pricier, though. But when the running wattage goes higher, the price also goes higher than Firman. To obtain it, you must pay up to $380-2400!

Predator is unquestionably the less inexpensive choice if cost is a major consideration.

Winner: Predator generator


It’s a type of customer service that the generator company issues regarding the overall condition of the products. 

Customers who use Firman have access to a solid network of customer care personnel who are available to assist them with any problems or inquiries they might have.

The business offers a thorough guarantee, and clients can find a plethora of information and tools on their website, such as user manuals, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting instructions. 

Predator has a reputation for offering good customer service. All Predator goods come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and their website has a wealth of customer support materials and information, such as product manuals, FAQs, and user testimonials.

Firman generator’s 3 years warranty service earns a good review from the customer in different online forums than the predator’s 2 years warranty.

Winner: Firman generator


Let’s finally settle the issue now! Which generator should you choose: the Firman or the Predator? Both generators have distinctive traits of their own and do the job extremely well.

The Firman generator is the best option if you want a low noise output, a larger fuel tank, a low price range, and longer warranty terms. We advise the Predator generator, nevertheless, if you’re seeking for more running watts, a superior engine, longer runtime under load, and smaller weight.

Hence, before choosing a product, you must decide what features you need.


We hope this content could solve your problems regarding firman vs predator generator.

Here are some extra tips for your generator. Regularly check the oil level, keep the generator clean and free of dirt and debris, check the air filter regularly, monitor the air filter regularly, and obviously run your generator once a week.

That’s the end of this article. Let us know what generator topic you want to hear from us in the future.

Until then, good luck with your generator!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is Firman known for?

Firman Power Equipment is a renowned portable generator producer in the United States.

How long have Firman generators been around?

Firman Power Equipment is a Firman generator manufacturer situated in Peoria, Arizona. Since its inception in 1999, the firm has produced a wide range of generators and accessories.

What are some of the best generator manufacturers in the business?

Some of the best generator manufacturers in the business are Caterpillar, Cummins, HiPower Systems, Taylor Power, Generac, Kohler, Aksa, SDMO.

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