Honda EU2000i Generator Review

Back in the year 1999 market, Honda was the first-ever company that brought inverter generators. Then the Honda EU2000i got huge popularity. And it became the best seller among others in terms of portable generators.

Lots of technological improvements have indeed been made in the past decades. Still, Honda EU2000i is on the highest rank on the listings of the most excellent inverter generators. Although Honda is not producing EU2000i models since 2018, it has been replaced with a newer Honda EU2200i.

Even though the model EU2000i is being sold regularly in the US and other countries, it’s the best and most popular generator. That’s why we’re here with a Honda EU2000i generator review for our readers. So, let’s dive into the content!

Honda EU2000i Generator Review

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Despite being an older version of Honda, the EU2000i is one of the best-selling and most popular portable generators in the market so far. This model of Honda is as powerful as robust. So, you can depend on the model, and it’s very simple to service. Well, let’s dive into the review!


When you’re new to the world of generators, the EU2000i of the Honda brand is a great piece of a generator for home use. The entire unit is just about 45lbs when it’s empty. So, it’s not a problem when it comes to portability.

As a result, you can use the when you need it in an emergency, and easy to bring the device from one place or room to another. That means you can get it wherever you need, from indoors to outdoors. As the model’s measurement is just 21X21X19 inches, you can store it at your most convenient places.

Also, for that reason, you can bring it for RV expeditions or camping and or outdoor activities. Thus, it might be simpler to make sure your family’s holiday has the entire comforts of your home that you can desire for on holiday.

Besides, the model comes with a very comfortable level of noise. Indeed, it produces about 59dB at its rated load. It has the same noise level as a normal conversation for a generator. Moreover, it has a quite excellent noise at its ambient noise level.

Users don’t report getting bothered by the unit’s level of noise as it goes about their daily business. With 1600 watts of the run and 2000 watts of starting power, this unit is powerful enough to run standard home appliances like TVs, DVD players, and Xbox consoles.

Likewise, you can use it to run microwave ovens, freezers, or laptops. The generator is equipped with a GX100 engine that’s extremely powerful in its class, with an engine capacity of 98.5cc.

It means that it may manage some bigger loads with moderately little trouble. But this is true that it’s one of the lowest great generators in its class. We rated this generator for its overall flexibility, not for its brute force.

Power & Efficiency

Indeed, this model of the Honda generator is not very powerful for some of its users. For instance, this might not be so suitable for empowering an AC. This unit has been designed to get it simple for connecting 2 EU2000is to make double power.

Also, it’s not much cheap as some other models. So, when you want more power, you may need to think about another option. As you already know that it weighs just 45lbs, it’s one of the lightweight generators.

But, it’s not an issue because it gets a gravely exciting running time. Although its fuel capacity is just less than one gallon, it enables your generator to run 3.5 hours at its full load.

You can also run it at its “Eco-Throttle” for about eight hours that will be 25 percent of its maximum power. The option of Eco-Throttle is a unique innovation of Honda. It helps you to keep the speed of the engine at its optimum load based on its load.


The design of the Honda EU2000i is extremely appealing with the signature of its black and red finish. It has tightly sealed with rounded edges and corners. It comes with a neat essential bring-handed on its top for simple carrying and lifting.

Also, it’s as safe emissions as fuel efficiency and comparatively unremarkable noise level. As a result, this design makes the model specifically suitable for both family and domestic use. Simply put, this doesn’t get in the way that everyone wants.

But, it particularly unique in design than other brands and models. However, the design has a drawback in that it doesn’t come with a fuel indicator. So, you have to remove its tank cover and peep inside it.

This is not a big issue when you need to power up your appliances in an emergency. That’s why you should keep a gallon of reserved gasoline for every time you use the generator.

It looks a mainly inconsiderate design omission is the key reason we have found this an obvious anomaly for its class. For instance, checking gasoline for this model is heading for a bit uncomfortable if you’re abruptly plunged into the dark without any light supply at hand.

Noise Level & Start-Up

As Honda advertises that they have made this generator “Super Quiet,” they really mean this. The generator runs at the range of 53dB to 59dB. For example, 50 decibels are the noise level of normal conversation at home.

And 60 decibels is the conversation of a busy office or restaurant. The unit will be at the noisiest level while operating at its maximum load. So, when you run at its eco-mode, it’ll be the quietest one.

It’s not closer to the loudness of a dishwasher or garbage disposal, with average noise of 80dB. Indeed, it’s a quiet generator that will not bother your neighbors.


  • Powerful engine
  • Portable design
  • Very reliable
  • Super quiet
  • Fuel efficient
  • Lightweight


  • Not cheap
  • This may not enough for some users


We’re at the end of the Honda EU2000i generator review. It’s an expert in the inverter generators market. This is indeed an extraordinary portable generator that comes with the standard for the entire industry.

It has won its deserved title of the best inverter generator ever made. The model is sturdy enough that it can resist any damages. Even the latest upgrade of the model has been released; it gets lots of happy users worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Many Hours Will A Honda EU2000i Last?

If you run it at its Eco-Throttle system, it’ll run about 8.1 hours. But, if you run it in its full load, it’ll run about 3.5 hours. That means it’ll run more time if you operate it with less load. Indeed, this is true for all generators

What Is The Difference Between Honda EU2000i And EB2000i?

These two popular models of Honda EU2000i & EB2000i are almost the same in terms of inverter technology, power, Eco-throttle, etc. But, they have differences as well.
The key difference is that EB2000i comes with a G.F.C.I. duplex receptacle, but EU2000i doesn’t have one. As a result, EB2000i is the first choice for rental, industrial, commercial, and construction users.

What Type Of Oil Do You Use In A Honda EU2000i?

When it comes to engine oil, the Honda EU2000i uses the usual mineral engine oil. Also, it uses synthetic oil that’s higher in quality, and it’s better than mineral oil.

How Much Gas Does A Honda EU2000i Hold?

The fuel tank capacity of the Honda EU2000i is 0.95 gallons. It runs 3.5 hours at the highest/rated load. But it can run up to 8 hours at ¼ loads.

How Many Amps Does A Honda 2000 Watt Generator Produce?

The Honda EU2000i generates 16.667 Amps with 2000 starting watts and 120V.

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  1. I have a eu2000i that I use as a backup generator for my boat. I tried to use it this weekend on my boat and after a minute or two my ground light on my panel would light up and start beeping.I checked all the gfi breakers on my boat and they were fine. I also checked my fifty foot power cable cleaned the connections and plugged them in and the light still came on. Any ideas what might cause this to happen
    I also checked this out with the shore power when I got back today and it worked fine ?
    Just in case you need the boat info it is a 2007 Regal Commodore Express 3760
    Thanks for anyhelp

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