How Much Gas Does A 2000 Watt Generator Use? Explained!

Knowing fuel consumption is important to estimate how much gas you will need to buy. It also helps you know how long the generator will run before needing a refill.

So, how much gas does a 2000 watt generator use?

A diesel-powered 2000-watt generator uses around 0.25 to 0.3 gallons of gas per hour at a full continuous load. For a gasoline-powered 2000-watt generator, the range is 0.28 to 0.45 gallons per hour. If you use natural gas, a 2000-watt generator will consume around 0.4 to 0.5 gallons per hour. And this powered generator will consume 0.5 to 0.80 gallons of propane per hour. 

However, this power consumption is not universal as it depends on many things. To know more details on this, keep reading. 

How Much Gas Does A 2000 Watt Generator Use?

A 2000-watt generator uses around 0.25 to 0.8 gallons of gas per hour at 100% continuous load. The gas consumption highly depends on the fuel type, generator type, and generator efficiency. 

The gas consumption of a 2000-watt generator using different types of fuel is given below. 

Fuel TypeConsumption per hour at 100% load
Diesel0.25 to 0.3 gallons 
Gasoline0.28 to 0.45 gallons
Propane 0.5 to 0.80 gallons 
Natural gas 0.4 to 0.5 gallons

The gas consumption of a 3000-watt generator is different. So, The table will be different for 3000-watt or other generators as well. 

How Much Diesel Does a 2000-Watt Generator Use?

A 2000-watt diesel-powered generator uses around 0.25 gallons to 0.3 gallons of diesel per hour if you run the generator continuously. The consumption depends on the generator type. Inverter generators consume less diesel than non-inverter generators. 

For example, a diesel-power portable generator has a 13.5 fuel capacity and a continuous runtime of 14 hours. So, it uses (13.5/14) = 0.96 L/hr or 0.25 gal/hr. For standby generators, the consumption will be lower.  

Diesel fuel is the most efficient among the usual generator gasses you use. However, it is difficult to find a diesel-powered generator for such a small power requirement. 

How Much Gasoline Does a 2000-Watt Generator Use?

A 2000-watt generator of gasoline-powered generator can use around 0.28 to 0.45-gallon gasoline per hour. It depends on the generator types and efficiency. 

For example, a gasoline-powered portable inverter generator has a fuel capacity of 4.1 liters. And it operates continuously for around 3 hours at full load. So, it consumes (4.1 / 2.75) =  1.49 L/ hr or 0.39 gal/hr. Inverter standby generators are slightly more efficient than this. 

Let’s calculate another generator with better efficiency which has a 1.1-gallon fuel tank. It has 4 hours of runtime if you use it continuously at 100% load. So, the gasoline consumption is (1.1 / 4) = 0.28 gallons per hour. 

Remember that the fuel consumption will be different for generators with higher power. For example, the fuel consumption of a 7500-watt generator is very different from that of a 2000-watt generator. 

How Much Propane Does a 2000-Watt Generator Use?

Depending on the generator type, a 2000-watt generator uses 0.5 to 0.80 gallons of propane per hour. Propane consumption for generators is higher than for other fuels. 

For example, a 2000-watt portable inverter generator has a 4.6-gallon propane tank. In 100% load capacity, it can run for around 8.5 hours. So, it will consume (4.6 / 8.5) = 0.54 gallons of propane. 

Let’s calculate the propane consumption of another propane non-inverter generator with a run time of 6 hours at 100% load on 4.6-gallon propane. 

So, it consumes (4.6 / 6) = 0.76 gallons of propane per hour. As a non-inverter generator, it consumes more propene than the inverter one. 

Using the same methods, you can also calculate the gas consumption of a 4000-watt generator

How Much Natural Gas Does A 2000-Watt Generator Use?

A 2000-watt generator uses around 0.4 to 0.5 gallons per hour of natural gas. Non-inverter generator falls on the higher side of this range while the inverter generator falls on the lower side. 

For example, a 2000-Watt natural gas-powered inverter generator has a full load runtime of around 2.35 hours. And the fuel tank capacity is 1 gallon. So, it consumes, (1 / 2.35) = 0.43 gallons of natural gas per hour. 

These are the gas consumption for different 2000-watt generators. However, there are ways to reduce the fuel consumption of your generator. For example, service your generator regularly and use only necessary appliances. 


Here goes our discussion on how much gas does a 2000 watt generator use. Now you can predict the fuel consumption of your generator and buy and use fuel according to it. 

Although inverter generators are more expensive, they consume less fuel. So try to purchase inverter generators for long-term cost savings. 

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Much Solar Energy Does a 2000-Watt Generator Use?

Solar power can take around 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged. And if you run it continuously at 100% load, it will provide around 1-2 hours of runtime. 2000-watt Solar powered generators are great to run only the essentials, such as the refrigerator. 

Can You Run A Generator 24 Hours A Day?

Yes, you can run a generator 24 hours a day without damaging it. However, you have to ensure refilling the fuel tank regularly. You have to also make sure the coolant, water, and engine oil are at the right level. 

Are Generators 100% Efficient?

No, just like all other electronics, generators are also not 100% efficient due to energy losses. Depending on the generator type and quality, you should get 70% to 955 efficiency from a generator. 

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