How Much Gas Will Your Generator Use

How Much Gas Will Your Generator Use?

When people want to buy a generator, then they worry about Fuel or gas. Even at first, they ask how much fuel they need to run their machine. So, today we have come with this content to make you clear about this issue: how much gas will your generator use?

First of all, one generator can help you during striking in any emergencies and natural disasters. Indeed, it works amazingly to protect you from the quick damage of power. That means buying a generator is quite essential for you.

However, you have to pay for your special care to the gas or fuel. Your machine will run on gas, and it is vital to know how much gas you need to run the machine. So, let’s have a look at the below content to get the details.

Types of Generators

There are different sorts of generators available in the market. We will try to present all types of machines below. Hopefully, it will help you to select your one according to your need and choice. So, let’s begin!


Firstly, we will present a standby generator for you. Mostly, people buy this generator for emergency work. Mainly, it is best for places where it is tough to get power.

Well, Standby is one of the powerful and largest generators in the market. So, one thing is precisely that standby is suitable for the extended service. For example, many homeowners use this machine to keep lengthy appliances running.


Now we will talk about the portable generator. You can easily carry the portable machine here to there. It almost seems like the refrigerator. However, you will get one portable charger with enough strength and the ability to provide power for the large appliance. However, it can work such a way for few times. If you want to get this facility, then you have to use hard-wire.


If you search for a small and lightweight generator, then the inventor is the best option for you. It comes with a suitable size and quick-charge options. For example, one can operate this machine-like small device.

Generator Fuel Types

We hope that you already know about different types of generators from the above. Now let’s talk about the types of generator fuel. Usually, most of the machines run with the four powers. So, keep your eyes on the below to know the four fuels to run the machine.


First of all, we will talk about diesel. Generally, diesel burns slowly, which creates it cost-effective. It has high emissions level than other fuels. That is very harmful and causes to pass the EPA criteria.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a little bit cleaner compared to diesel, but it is still not eco-friendly. However, if you have pipes of natural gas, you can use them to run the machine. Otherwise, it will be tough to store the gas. You have to keep in mind that this gas takes time to start. That is why it can be the cause of temporary interruptions.


Now we will present one versatile fuel, and that is propane. You can use it for many purposes. In a word, it is best for all types of home works. Here, we will suggest using this fuel that live in rural or remote areas.

Gasoline: Our last suggested fuel is gasoline. Many homeowners use gasoline due to the low price. But our advice is doing not to use gasoline for an emergency event. Indeed, it is quite tough to get this fuel quickly.

Related Questions & Answers

We have tried to present the basics of the generator fuel above. But still, you may have some question. That is why we will answer some common questions below. Hopefully, that will help you to know more about the fuel.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Natural Gas Generator Per Day?

Mainly, it depends on natural gas’s price. It should be within $3 to $4 to function the machine per month.

How Much Natural Gas Does A Generac Generator Use?

People always want to know how much gas they need to run the machine. Here, we can share a simple example for you. If you use one Generac machine of 22 KW, then you need around 9.8 cubic gases.

How Much Does A Natural Gas Generator Cost?

We often get such kind of question that, what is the cost of the generator. Usually, the price starts at 1,500 dollars – 5,500 dollars. So, you have lots of options to select one according to your need and budget.

How Much Gas Does A Generator Use Per Hour

If you have a portable machine, then gasoline will be the best choice for you. One five kilowatt machine needs 0.76 gallons in an hour. The price of gas is around $2.78 for one gallon.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Whole House Generator On Natural Gas

Firstly, we want to tell you that it depends on the cost of fuel. If you want a machine for your entire house, then the fuel costing will be more or less $25 to $35 per day.

Which Is Better Diesel Or Natural Gas Generator?

Now we will talk about fuel quality. That means we will make it clear that which fuel will be better for you. It is often very confusing to select the generator fuel. First of all, natural gas and diesel are almost similar.

Also, they provide the same kind of applications. Even both are suitable for the emergency event. However, some dissimilarities exist between these fuels, such as natural gas, which is eco-friendly and cheap. On the other hand, diesel is not eco-friendly. So, our advice is to go for natural gas to run your machine.


That’s all about the question: how much gas will your generator use? Really, you have to consider many things when you will buy a generator. Among them, fuel taking is a vital and first thing. So, you already get clear ideas on fuel consumption and costs. Hopefully, it will be very beneficial for you.

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