How To Build A Generator Using An Electric Motor With Few Step

Today we will talk about how to build a generator using an electric motor. First of all, you need one permanent electric motor with a magnet to make the generator. After that, you have to apply the outer power source for spinning.

Then shaft the stable electric motor to makes the generator. Usually, after shafting an electric motor, it converts to a generator. However, you will find some differences between the permanent electric motor (magnet) and one generator.

What is the Source of Electricity?

Firstly, electricity comes from electrical power. If one wants to run the electrical things, you have to feed the plugin a steady electrical supply. So, now you can ask the question of where people will get energy. Also, you can ask how one can get power.

Mainly, many basic laws of physics can easily explain how energy makes. Now the thing is, people cannot create more power than they have already. Also, people cannot destroy energy either. We can convert the energy from a form to another form. Learn more our another guide article how much can a 7500 watt generator run.

Step 1

You have to make half of the 6 foot and 2 inches’ plywood or wood in the first step. So, one piece will be around 3 feet.

Step 2

Now fix the cut two parts and make a frame. Then secure the frame with the screws. By doing these easy steps, you will get one robust platform to set the permanent electric motor (magnet). Also, you will able to make your little gasoline machine.

Step 3

After making the gasoline engine, you have to keep on your plywood platform. Now drill holes to use nuts to lock the things. That will secure your gasoline engine in the platform.

One important thing is you have to set the engine parallel with your permanent electric motor.

Step 4

Now it is time to attach your first pulleys for shafting your gasoline engine. However, you have to do this while mounting the platform. After doing this, take another pulley for the shafting permanent electric motor.

Yet, you have to take one screwdriver or a wrench Allen to set the pulleys in a particular place.

Step 5

In this step, you have to set your electric motor. That is why you have to secure your pulleys with the belt. Now try to pull your motor from your gasoline engine. But you have to keep the pulleys in the same line.

After setting all the things once mark the place to make holes. Get the help of a drill machine to make a hole and secure your electric motor on the platform.

Step 6

You have to make the holes before you set your electric motor. In this case, you can use the jigsaw. It can help to keep all the holes in the perfect slots.

Usually, the places fix the right position of the electric motor. So, you would maintain a safe distance to keep the gasoline engine.

Step 7

The last step is to separate all the wires—especially those coming from your electric motor. Now start the gas motor and let it spin for shafting the motor. Here, you have to be aware. Never touch any wires when they are connecting with DC electricity.


Now we will provide some tips for you. If you are looking for a homemade generator, then do not go for the heavily corroded device.

Instead, one can go for the old parts of the bike to link the generator. Another tip is that you always have to wear goggles to avoid any eye hazard.

Final Verdict

At the end of the content, we hope you have a clear idea of how to build a generator using an electric motor. But you can check the advice of one professional electrician before you start working.

Also, you have to select the tools very carefully to complete the work safely. Hopefully, all the above tips will be very beneficial for you to make a generator.

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