How To Build A Solar Generator - 9 Simple Steps

How To Build A Solar Generator: A Complete Guide

Building a solar generator is more efficient than you think and also much easier to set up for your home equipment. 

So, how to build a solar generator?

To build a solar generator first mount the solar panel with the stand in a sunlight-accessible location. Place the panel facing south. Prepare the case where the battery, solar charge controller, and inverter will be connected. Install the battery, solar charge controller, and inverter. Wire up each piece of equipment with 12 gauge copper wire and with proper alignment of their terminals. Use three fuses to protect against sudden energy surges. Now, test the built solar generator. 

Follow the article as it will guide you with a step-by-step guide to build a DIY solar generator.  

Step-by-Step Guide How to Build A Solar Generator

Before starting the process you must get yourself some equipment and tools. In that case, check the follow

Necessary Equipment & Tools:


  • Solar panels (portable / backup). 
  • One or several batteries (12V lithium-ion / Lead-acid).
  • Battery storage device. 
  • Solar charge controller (PWM / MPPT). 
  • Inverter (DC input)
  • Wires, terminals, and adapters. 
  • Fuses for energy protection. 


  • Automatic cutters and wire strippers. 
  • A set of Torx, Phillip, and Flat screwdrivers. 
  • 110V to 240V hot glue gun.
  • Drill machine (Drill bits and grinding extension equipped).
  • Files and soldering Iron.  
  • Utility knife.  

Steps To Build A Solar Generator

How to build a solar generator

Step 1: Mount the solar panel with extensive sunlight access, usually on the roof or backyard. 

Step 2: Prepare the solar panel mounting stand; build it yourself, or buy one. Place the stand facing south. Follow the video to learn how to build a solar stand. 

Step 3: Prepare the case for the battery, solar charge controller, and inverter connection. Use a drill to make holes for each purpose. 

Step 4: Install the battery for the solar generator. Fix it to the case wall with a battery strap. 

Step 5: Install the solar charge controller. Glue it to the case’s inside leaving sufficient space for battery and inverter. 

Step 6: Install the inverter. Strap it to the case wall and leave sufficient space for airflow. 

Step 7: Wire up the solar panels with the battery, solar charge controller, and inverter with the set of screwdrivers needed. Use a 12 gauge copper wire for the wiring. Align the terminals for each part properly. 

Step 8: Use 3 fuses for each space in between the battery, inverter, and solar charge controller. 

Step 9: Now, test your DIY solar generator to see if everything is mounted and wired properly. 

Follow the video to see how to build a DIY solar generator with every detail you need. 

What to Consider While Building Different Watt Solar Generators?

Some important facts are given below that you’ll need to consider before going through with the building process. 

  • List down all the appliances you’ll run on the solar generator. 
  • Add up their starting and running wattage. For amp units, watts = amp x volts. This is the power requirements of your home. 
  • Collect the electricity bill for the previous month and identify the monthly power usage. Watts per day = monthly power usage / 30. For example, if you use 10,000 watts the previous month, your daily power usage = 10000/ 30 = 333.33 watts

Also, understand first how does solar generator work. Now, to build different watts solar generators you’ll need to consider the following things. 

  • Maintaining your power requirement below the generator capacity watts. 
  • The power rating of the necessary appliances you’ll run. 
  • Calculate the cost of building a solar generator based on your wattage requirement. 
  • Compare the cost with your current power setup and decide on the right solar generator capacity. For example, a 5000-watt solar generator has less capacity than a 1000-watt solar generator. 

Higher-wattage solar generators are costly projects, so be sure to compare every factor before investing in building one. 

Cost Calculation:

To calculate the cost of solar generators in price-per-watt, follow the formula. 

Price per watt ($/W) = gross system cost (all inclusive) / system size (DC watts)

The gross system cost includes all the financial costs, taxes, warranties, permits, materials, etc. Generally, a solar generator will cost you from $2-$8 per watt based on your location and usage. 


A solar generator can last 7 to 15 years perfectly with over 2500 life cycles. Also, the solar generator equipment offers a warranty of up to 25 years. Now, there are some things you’ll need to build a solar generator. Choose the best solar generator in 2023.

Tips to Save Money While Building a Solar Generator

You can save a substantial amount of money while building a solar generator. Let’s see how you can manage it under $200. 

  • Use 5W solar panels. 
  • Use a 12V battery.
  • Use a 400W inverter. 
  • Use auxiliary 12V plugs. 
  • Two 12 or 14-gauge wires. 
  • Use a 3/16” heat shrink tube. 

Now, with an additional switch, utility, solder, and bridge rectifier, you can reduce the cost. 

Is Building DIY Solar Generator a Good Decision?

Yes, building a DIY solar generator is conveniently a good decision for your home. These generators have lower maintenance hazards and lower long-term costs. And there is no running cost. Let’s see how much is a solar generator based on type and capacity. 

DIY solar generator typesCapacityEstimated cost
Camping1100W / 500W.h$1000-$1150
RV – camper van1000W / 1000W.h$1200-$1450
Home backup system2000W/ 2000W.h$3000-$3400

For higher capacity, the cost will increase accordingly. So, think about that before deciding to build a solar generator. Contrary to how long can a diesel generator run continuously, solar generators are more efficient. 


So, keep in mind the power you require for all the appliances you’ll run on a solar generator. Now that you know how to build a solar generator, time to get to work. For more expertise, contact a professional DIYer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Long Will A Solar Generator Power Your House?

Usually, a solar generator can power your house for 2 to 8 hours depending on the load of the appliances. Also, a solar generator can provide seamless power from 15 to 25 years. 

Can You Live Off The Grid With A Solar Generator?

Yes, solar generators are an efficient choice for living off the grid. Solar generators are more reliable and efficient than electricity for off-the-grid living. 

Can A Solar Generator Run Indoors?

Yes, solar generators run indoors as these are becoming more popular alternatives to gas or electric generators. You can run all your essential appliances. 

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