How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

First of all, you need to learn the way to connect the generator to the house without transferring the switch before joining and learning how to connect generator to house without transfer switch.

Many people face the power blackout problem during natural disasters, hurricanes, stormy weather, etc. Such kinds of disasters may remain for a long time or just for some hours. The event can be in trouble for all these issues, and the management will face many more problems.

However, light is the most important for any occasion or event. But, for these issues, you need to have a backup plan. So, you can handle the situation for a while and solve the problem.

Moreover, you can connect the generator to the house. Also, it will be without transferring the switch, then it will be a better option for you, and you will be ready for all situations. Here you will know about these in detail. So check it out.

How do you hook up a portable generator to a house without a transfer?

The connecting process of the generator to the house might be difficult, especially when you do not have any transfer switch. Before taking any step, remember that you need the transfer switch for the Genset to system effectively and safely. Also, it will help with the safe operation of the task.(Source)

What Is Required

Firstly, you will know how you should connect the generator to the house without transferring the switch. Read more for this.

Safety– Additionally, your priority is, make sure all the safety measures in place. Then, you will need protective eyeglasses, work boots, insulated gloves for the task. Plus, remember that the method has no approval for doing the job. It may backfire as well.

Most importantly, take all steps for security before you start the task. Never use the male plug to the male plug to connect your generator directly with a circuit breaker of the fuse box.

Breaker– You need to select the breaker, which can fulfill the worksite/ RV/home and generator’s power needs.

Interlocking kit– Moreover, this kit may help you for connecting the generator with a service panel. If you want the best result, select the transfer switch which can match the generator’s model. Even the kit you may get quickly and at a low price.

Electrical wires– For working, you will need cables for the connection. So, select different color wires for natural connection. It is a better idea.

Safety tools– However, you may need work gloves for safety. Again, protective eyewear and some mandatory tools you should have. Such as pliers, screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, and many more tools.

How To Connect A Generator To House Without Transfer Switch Setup By Setup Guide

Therefore, the manual and auto transfer switch version will cost much. Sometimes, you can’t afford them. Still, there are some tips for the task. But you should get the new one as a replacement later when you can afford it. At least, know that you will need this later for the task.

Step#1: Observe Safety

Most importantly, the transferring switch might be illegal in many states. Moreover, you need to take protective gear for protection if anything becomes dangerous.

Never use the male plug to the male plug for connecting your generator directly with a circuit breaker. Sometimes, it can be the reason for the fire breakout and can be very dangerous.

Step#2: Figure Out Amperage

Already you know about the safety and security of the task. So it is time to know about the 2nd step ant that is about the generator’s plug type, amperage.

The plug can help to deliver the power to both the side of the breaker of a generator. Alternatively, you will get the amperage code in the plug. Thus, it will help to adjust all the materials for the task.

Step#3: Drill A Hole

Furthermore, it is time for the drilling job. Drill a place in your house for making a hole. With this hole, you can take the cable from a Genset to the house. Also, make sure the hole is large enough for all wires to enter.

Try to make a hole which will be far from the generator. Do not make the hole near the bedroom because it will make a loud noise. For this, you will not be able to sleep well.

Step#4: Assemble The Materials

Assembling all the materials is the last step. Make sure your power inlet will be much far from the cable point of the hole. After placing the mounted power inlet, assemble a conduit, and then apply glue for the best security system. Now, wire the generator plug the channel.

After finishing that, smoothly pull the wire from the conduit body. After that, push all remaining parts of the wire. Lastly, make ready the box of the breaker for receiving a retainer. It is time to cover your breaker box for the last finish.


This is all about how to connect generator to house without transfer switch. As you know, there can be some emergency when you need a generator for the connection. But for some issues, you may face some difficulties. To get rid of such kind of problems you can follow the above instructions.

However, the task is not much easy, but it is not impossible. If you can do that properly, it will be a great help to you during an emergency. Again, make sure that you are taking proper safety and needed stuff for the task.

Otherwise, it can create some problematic issues, and it may harm you badly. Before you start work, know the process correctly. On the other hand, it can make backfire. So, you have to be aware and careful as well.

If you think you can do that, then go for it. Or if you have any confusion, then study the instruction and try to understand the work process. After that, you will be confident, and you can do the task properly. Enjoy our another guide article How To Build A Generator Using An Electric Motor.

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