How To Reset Generac Generator After Oil Change: The Complete Guide

Although Generac generators are reliable and durable devices, ready to support you with electricity in difficult moments, they still need your attention regularly. How do you perform maintenance of the Generac generator and reset maintenance reminders and start using it again? You will find it out from the text down below.

How to do maintenance on Generac generators?

Any equipment and devices require periodic maintenance and repair. The Generac generator will remind you about itself with the yellow light maintenance reminder.

The user manual has a few more checkpoints for the Generac generator, but spark plugs, filters, and oil are the first things to pay attention to. Be sure you have a dealer access code.

Oil change

First, check the oil condition of the generator. Normally, it should be a dark amber color, and if it’s much darker, down to black, or dirt or debris is floating in it, then it’s time to replace it.

The Generac generators manufacturer indicates that when generators are regularly operated, the oil should be changed at least once a month or every fifty hours.

Air filters change

Also in the case of intensive operation at least every two months should be changed air filters – take this into account when planning maintenance.

Spark plugs check

Check the spark plugs: if for some reason they are deformed, with a large layer of carbon or traces of corrosion, it is also better to replace them.

Do not skimp on consumables – they are inexpensive, but you will be confident in the smooth operation of the device.

Resetting the reminder after the maintenance

The Generac generator has reminder lights in three different colors: yellow light, red, and green.

The green light means that everything is fine, the machine works perfectly, and maintenance is not yet required.

If the indicator light turns yellow, that is a maintenance light, it lets us know that the generator needs maintenance or alerts us to battery charger power reduction.

The red light indicates a serious malfunction of the generator. Most likely, this is a reason to contact the service center and carry out comprehensive maintenance and repair.

How to reset Generac generator after oil change

As we mentioned above, the yellow light indicator on the generator lights up when the device requires little regular maintenance, such as the replacement of air filters, and change of oil. In normal generator operation, a yellow light indicator can light up two or three times a year, just as a reminder to the owner.

In any case, the yellow light indicator signals should not be ignored, and before resetting it is better to check oil levels and the status of filters and spark plugs.

If you are sure that the generator is again fully ready for operation, you need to reset yellow light signal. For devices like Nexus (for other models, the algorithm may differ, but very little) the scheme of action is about the following:

  • turn the generator off by hitting the OFF button
  • use the arrows to select the Dealer menu item (manual position) and then click Enter
  • then find the Edit menu
  • by arrow keys or + /- select Reset Maintenance submenu
  • Press Enter
  • with the up/down arrows, select Yes
  • again press Enter
  • then we return to the start menu, pressing the Esc button until the display starts blinking.
  • Press Auto (generator will work in auto mode)
  • If you have done everything correctly, then the display should appear Ready to run and light up the green light indicator.

It is even easier to reset the yellow and red indicators by simply pressing the Enter button twice in a row. This option doesn’t reset the maintenance log, it just resets the indicator.

However, if you have regular maintenance and are confident in the smooth operation of the generator, this option will be the easiest for you.

The yellow light indicator may also appear with the inscription Inspect Battery.

Check the battery (or don’t check if you are sure of it), and then reset the yellow light indicator, turn off the device, enter the Home Screen menu and press the Enter key.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I reset maintenance light on Generac generator?

There are two ways: it is a reset by clearing the maintenance log through the Reset Maintenance option, and a reset without cleaning the maintenance log.
Resetting without cleaning the log is very simple and can be used if you regularly monitor the maintenance of the generator, and are confident in its work.

What does it mean when my Generac generator has a red light?

In this case, you better give it to the service center. Of course, you can reset red light signal through a simple double-click on Enter button option, if you realize what you are doing.

How do you clear the code on a Generac generator?

Switch it off and press Enter button twice in a row.

How many hours can you run a Generac generator before changing the oil?

According to the manufacturer, you should change the oil every 50 hours of work, or monthly.

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