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RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC: 7 Differences!

As there are numerous brands and models of spark plugs available in the market, generator owners sometimes get confused. To make a purchasing decision, there are many factors to consider. 

So, RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC – what are the differences? 

The heat range of RC14YC is higher than the other two. RC12YC and RC14YC spark plugs are SAC9 resistor types while the XC12YC is a Resistive/Inductive type. The XC12YC has a narrower gap than the other two.  RC12YC and RC14YC have 2 years of warranty while the  XC12YC has a lifetime warranty. The XC12YC is also less pricey than RC12YC and RC14YC.

To know the differences in detail, keep reading and take an informed decision. 

RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC: Quick Comparison

Before diving into a vast discussion, let’s see the differences between RC12YC, RC14YC, and XC12YC at a quick glance. 

Feature RC12YC RC14YCXC12YC
Heat range121412
Resistor typeSAC9SAC9Resistive/Inductive
Shell gap.035″ (0.9mm).039″ (1.0mm).030″ (0.75mm)
Swappable Brands 38 Brands24 Brands11 Brands
Warranty 2 Years 2 YearsLifetime 
Longevity 20K Miles20K MilesRecommended Replacement Interval
Price $7 to $8$6 to $7$4 to $5

To read the detailed discussion, go to the next segment. 

RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC: In-Depth Discussion 

The detailed discussion among RC12YC, RC14YC, and XC12YC is given below. 

Heat Range:

RC12YC, RC14YC, and XC12YC have different heat ranges of 12, 14, and 12 respectively. The heat range is the degree to which the spark plug starts to spread heat. The smaller the number, the hotter the spark plugs get. 

XC12YC and XC12YC have a smaller heat range than the RC14YC spark plug. So, these get hot quicker and are thus more suitable for lightweight generators. 

On the other hand, RC14YC has a higher heat range. Due to this, it is more suitable for high-performance generators.

Resistor Type:

The RC12YC and RC14YC have SAC9 resistor-type spark plugs while the XC12YC is a regular Resistive/Inductive spark plug. 

SAC9 is a special type of resistor introduced by the Champion. These are carbon-based resistors that are able to reduce RFI and ignition noise. These types of resistors also increase the durability of the electrode. 

As SAC9-type spark plugs, the RC12YC and RC14YC will get the above-mentioned advantages from them.

On the other hand, with a regular  Resistive/Inductive type resistor, the XC12YC will make louder ignition noise than the rest. 

Shell Gap:

The RC12YC, RC14YC, and XC12YC have an available gap of .035″ (0.9mm), 

.039” (1.0mm), and.030″ (0.75mm) respectively. The gap is the distance between the center of the spark plug and the side electrode.

The gap is one of the factors that decide the compatibility of the spark plug with your generator. If you install a spark plug with a too-small gap, there will be a lack of room for the air-fuel mixture. 

On the other hand, if the gap is too wide, your engine will face weaker sparks. 

It is very important to choose a spark plug that maths your generator engine. Otherwise, there will be misfires. While you are troubleshooting your Duromax xp12000eh or other generators for misfiring problems, keep the spark plug in mind. 

Swappable Brands:

The RC12YC, RC14YC, and XC12YC spark plugs are swappable with 38, 24, and 11 other brands respectively. 

You can not just install any random spark plug on your generator. You have to make sure it is compatible. But you can switch brands while replacing the spark plugs. 

38 other brands manufacture spark plugs that are similar to the RC12YC spark plug. That includes Accel, NGK, Denso, Beck Arnley, Bery, General Motors, Nissan, and Kohler. 

RC14YC can be swapped with different models from 24 other spark plug brands. For example, ACDelco, Autolite, Eyquem, Denso, Moplar, Motorcraft, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and Unipart.

On the other hand,  XC12YC is swappable with models of only 11 brands. It includes Accel, Autolite, Beru, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Mitsubishi, Kohler, and Brisk. 

Although, while using a champion generator, it’s best to use a spark plug from the Champion brand. Also, whether you are looking for a spark plug or the best oil for your Champion generator, always check the manual for reference.

Champion spark plug


Champion provides 2 years of warranty on both RC12YC and RC14YC, whereas, it provides a lifetime warranty on XC12YC. 

However, Champions recommends replacing the spark plugs after every interval mentioned in your generator’s owner manual. 


The RC12YC and RC14YC have the longevity of only 20K miles of engine running. On the other hand, you can use an XC12YC spark plug until there is time for a recommended replacement. 

See the owner’s manual of your generator for the recommended spark plug replacement interval and replace it accordingly. 


The XC12YC is less pricey than the RC12YC and RC14YC. The RC12YC costs around $7 to $8 while the RC14YC costs around $6 to $7. On the other hand, you can get an XC12YC spark plug for $4 to $5. 

The price will vary according to the amount you bought. For example, a pack of 4 RC12YC will cost less than a single RC12YC spark plug.

RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC: Which One to Choose? 

When choosing a spark plug, the first thing you must consider is its compatibility with your generator. Check the generator’s owner manual for recommended heat range and gap for spark plugs. And then decide which spark plug is suitable for your generator. 

However, in general, the RC14YC is more suitable for bigger generators as it has a higher heat range. 

As a low-noise option, RC12YC and RC14YC will be better than XC12YC as both are SAC9 resistor types. 

XC12YC is better for longevity and durability as it has a lifetime warranty. having a sure spark plug fire on every cycle. Also, in the case of affordability, the XC12YC is better. 

Here’s a tip. If you are starting a generator after a long time, check and replace the spark plug if necessary.


Here is my verdict on RC12YC Vs RC14YC Vs XC12YC. I hope now it’s clear to you why they are different from each other. And it will now be easier for you to know which spark plug you need. 

On top of everything, make sure the spark plug is compatible with your generator. 

That’s all for now. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Use XC12YC Instead of RC12YC?

No, you can not use XC12YC instead of RC12YC. They have different heat ranges and available gaps. As a result, they are compatible with different generator models. You can’t use them interchangeably as they won’t fit. Even if they fit, they won’t work.

What Is The Champion XC12YC Equivalent To?

From the champion brand, the XC12YC is equivalent to XC12YC/T04 and 982. From other brands, this spark plug is equivalent to Accel 786, Autolite 3924, Brisk 1326, and Beru 14F-8LUR. There are some other swappable models including, Mitsubishi MS851737, Kohler 2413214, and Denso K16PR-U. 

What Spark Plug Is The Same As RC12YC?

Brisk D17Y, Denso 3191, Denso K16GPR-U11, ACDelco 41602, and ACDelco 5 are similar to the RC12YC spark plug. From the Champion brand, the RC12YC is similar to 71GS, C12YCC, OE137, RC12YC/T06, RC12YCC4 and SE12RCY. 

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