Hey! I’m glad you’re here. This website is all about generators. You’ll find guidance, practical advice on choosing and using generators, and tips on how to fix common issues.

My name is James Perez, and as an electrical engineer with extensive hands-on experience and personal experience with power outages in our home, I created this website to share my knowledge about finding the right generator.


I hope to cover a wide range of topics to meet all your generator needs. Here are the main categories you’ll find on my site:

What Size Generator Do I Need: A wattage calculator that helps you figure out the right generator size for your needs.

By Power: Information based on different generator capacities.

Generator Reviews: Compares and tells you about different generators and how they perform.

Advice: Gives you tips and helpful info on using and maintaining generators.

About Me: Now as the name says a few words about me :-).

Contact: Here you can reach out to me if you have questions or feedback.

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James Perez