What Can a 700-Watt Generator Run: Possible Uses and Examples

Generators can be truly life-saving investments during power shortages. You can use it to power up your home appliances or for recreational activities. However, generators are often quite expensive.

Thus, you need to buy the right one that matches the electricity requirements of your home. In this regard, a 700-watt generator can be a great choice for powering one or two appliances at the same time at home.

So, what can a 700-watt generator run? Why do we recommend a generator with 700W capacity?

Firstly, a 700W running capacity generator will be excellent for providing power to most home appliances. You can use it for refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee pots, etc. Also, it is quite enough for charging smartphones. Last but not least, 700W generators are perfect for camping and adventures with their portable and compact design.

So, it’s time we look at the home appliances a 700W generator can run and its maintenance guidelines.

What Can A 700-Watt Generator Run?

You need to understand that a 700W generator won’t be able to run all the home appliances simultaneously. It will generate 700 watts of power. It is enough to provide electricity to one or two home devices simultaneously. Henceforth, this machine isn’t comparable with whole-house generators with 6500W to 10000W capacity.

Nonetheless, it is still capable enough to power up quite a few useful devices. Yes, a 700-watt generator can run a whole lot of appliances. Some examples are:

  • Refrigerators
  • Window conditioners
  • Lights for up to 200 watts each
  • Coffee pot
  • Toaster or grill – Electric heater
  • Microwave
  • TV
  • Charging your cell phone and laptop

However, it won’t deliver enough electricity to run all these devices simultaneously. So, let’s check the details to understand the 700W generator capacity better. We will discuss the power requirements of the major home appliances one by one. Then, we will suggest if the generator can power up it or not.


A typical refrigerator requires about 600 watts of power, so a 700-watt generator would be enough to run it. If the power goes out and you have a generator, you can keep your food cold until the power comes back on.

It will be useful to preserve your meats, fish, veggies, and other food items. Plus, you may use it to run a smaller refrigerator on your campsite. It will come in handy during your camping and excursions.

Window Air Conditioner

Window conditioners will typically require 700W to 1100W of electricity to run. Thus, you may power up the window air conditioner for a couple of minutes with the 700W generator. However, we don’t suggest using the generator with such a small capacity to run window air conditioners. It might force the machine to fail. Also, the air conditioner won’t get enough power. So, it can become problematic.

Following this, we strongly discourage you from using the generator to power up large air conditioners such as 10000 BTU or above. It simply won’t work.


If you have a few lights using up to 200 watts each, a 700-watt generator would be more than enough power. Anything higher than that, you might start to see some flickering or dimming in your lights.

However, most LED lights at home will usually have a 25W to 50W electricity requirement. So, you can easily connect the generator with 5 to 7 LED lights at home.

On the other side, incandescent bulbs will use 60W to 100W electricity. Thus, it is easy to light up 3 to 4 incandescent bulbs. So, a 700W generator is enough to illuminate your entire home, including the outdoor security lights.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker usually needs about 120 watts of power to run. So, as long as your generator can generate at least 700 watts, you should be good to go with making a pot of coffee.

So, cheers up! You enjoy your favorite coffee when you wait for the electricity to be restored. Isn’t it amazing? Also, it can be ideal for a nice family get-together to enjoy quality hours.

Toaster or Grill

A toaster uses about 1300 watts of electricity, while a grill typically needs 1800 watts. The 700-watt generator should be sufficient if you only use one appliance at a time.

Hence, if you see power cuts in the morning, don’t worry. Use the generator to power the toaster and enjoy your favorite toast to start your day. It will be useful when you go to the offices in the morning, but there’s no electricity.

Electric Heater

You might want to use a 700W generator if you need an electric heater. The electric heater typically uses 1500 watts of power or more per hour.

Hence, the 700W generator is good enough to run the electric heater for half an hour. But remember that when you use the generator to power the electric heater, you can’t use the generator to run other devices. So, be aware of this inconvenience.


A 700-watt generator should be more than enough power to run a microwave. It typically uses about 1000 watts of electricity. The microwave will not run as efficiently as a generator with a lower wattage, so it is best to use the higher wattage if possible.

Thus, we discourage you from using a 700W generator for running a microwave oven. Even if you try running the microwave oven with the generator, it won’t be able to cook the food.


If you plan to use your TV, it would need about 100 watts. It means that a 700-watt generator would have more than enough power to run your TV and some of the other appliances we discussed here.

Moreover, modern-day LED televisions will require even less electricity. So, you can confidently run television.

Charging your cell phone and laptop:

A 700-watt generator should be more than enough to charge your cell phone and laptop. It can provide a steady stream of power for these devices without trouble.

Multiple appliances at once: How Practical Is That?

The challenge when it comes to generators is being able to run multiple appliances simultaneously. Running a refrigerator, an air conditioner, and a few lights might be pushing the limits of your generator. It will either damage the generator or the device that you will power up with the generator. So, it is a big inconvenience to use a 700W generator.

It is best to stick with one or two appliances that use appliances at once. Using the 700W generator for one or two home appliances will yield the best results. Plus, during power cuts, it’s not necessary to run all of your home appliances.

A generator is for emergency use. So, apply it cleverly to run the most important device at home. Thus, you will love its performance and efficiency.

Can This Generator Power A House?

A 700-watt generator is not typically enough to power an entire house. However, you can use it as a backup for when the power goes out or provide extra power for specific appliances in your home. The best way to find out if this generator is right for you is to consult with an electrician.

What Can a 700-Watt Generator Run

However, here’s a key takeaway:

If you want to use the refrigerator, air conditioner, electric heater, and a couple of lights simultaneously, get a generator with at least 5000W of running capacity. Also, you may consider the size of your home to pick the right capacity. For instance, a 2000-square-foot home will require 6500W to 8000W of electricity to meet the consumption demand of all major appliances hourly.

Can It Power A Campsite?

You can use a generator with 700 watts to power a campsite. It would be perfect for running a small refrigerator, some lights, and maybe even an electric heater. Make sure you have the correct cords and adapters to connect it to the necessary appliances.

Furthermore, a 700W generator is quite compact and portable. You can easily hold its handle and carry it. It will weigh between 3 to 5 pounds. So you won’t feel fatigued carrying it. Also, it won’t create any noise to disturb your stay at the camping tents.

Long story short, it will be a useful addition for campsites to keep wild animals and pass the night safely. Plus, these generators are quite affordable. So, you won’t have a budget problem getting the generator for camping or traveling. If you travel a lot for adventure and mountaineering, we strongly encourage you to get a 700-watt generator.

Can I Use This Generator While I’m Driving?

No, generators should never be used while you are driving. They create a hazardous environment and can also cause damage to the generator itself. Plus, using the generator inside your car might increase its chance of bursting the vehicle, which can be lethal for you.

Long story short, you must never use a generator while driving.


If you need to power many lights and appliances, you should get a larger generator. You should be able to keep everything running smoothly.

Moreover, you can run just about any tool on a 700-watt generator as long as it does not need more than 700 watts.

As you can see, there is a lot that a 700-watt generator can run. Suppose you need one, research which brand and model will suit your needs best. Don’t forget to read its owner’s manual. It will help you know how to operate your new generator safely and maintain it properly in the future.

how much does a 700-watt generator cost?

The price of a 700-watt generator can vary, it depends on the brand, features, quality, and where you buy it. Typically, this kind of generator will cost from $100 to $500 or even higher.

If you are still unsure if you need a 700-watt generator I found a great video for you. The video explains how to find out which generator you actually need:

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A 700-watt generator can do so many things. This is the perfect generator capacity if you are looking for an emergency backup or want some peace of mind for your electricity needs.

Of course, you won’t be able to run the larger home appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners simultaneously with this capacity. However, it still meets your electricity requirements easily during emergencies. Lastly, it will be a good choice for campsites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many amps will a 700-watt generator run?

A 700-watt generator can run a total of 14.28 amps, just over the standard household usage.

What can I run with a 750-watt generator?

A 750-watt generator is more than capable of running most household appliances, including a refrigerator, microwave, or television.

Do refrigerators require a lot of power?

Refrigerators do use a significant amount of power, especially older models, but newer energy-efficient ones are designed to consume less electricity. The power usage of a refrigerator depends on its size, age, and efficiency rating. On average, refrigerators typically require between 100 to 800 watts when running, but this can vary widely.

What appliances can I run on a 900-watt generator?

On average, you are looking at running two refrigerators, a television, and a few lights with a 900-watt generator.

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  1. Hi Thank you very much for publishing this article. It has given a bit more clarity as we are debating on what to buy. We don’t have too many appliances at home, so the 700 watt generator is an attractive option. We have seen an 700 watt inverter generator. And I understand your logic, since power cuts are typically only for a few hours or maximum a day some times we don’t need to run everything at the same time.

    Compared to a larger generator which is bulky and heavy this one is tempting as it is easy to handle and yes we can take it to beach or camping if needed.

    Question: Would an inverter generator perform as well? What you have shown above is a Cyclo generator.

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