What Size Generator Do I Need For a Deep Freezer?

A deep freezer stores food items for a long time and consumes them slowly. So, you would never want to see those stored food items get rotten due to load shedding and power cuts. The best solution to avoid such inconvenience is to get a generator and power up the freezer.

But, you must be confused about the generator size for the deep freezer. In fact, many people ask us, “What size generator do I need for a deep freezer?”

Unfortunately, this question has no straight answer. The size of the generator will depend on how big is your deep freezer. As a general rule of thumb, the wattage capacity of your generator should be at least 2X higher than the starting load of the freezer. Or else it will fail to start the freezer.

Choosing a smaller or bigger generator than your deep freezer needs will be a waste of money. So, you must identify the right size of deep freezer you need, its power consumption, and the generator size accordingly.

What Size Generator Do I Need For A Deep Freezer

When you purchase a generator to power up your freezer or refrigerator during power cuts, you don’t need to get a jumbo-sized 4000KW generator. In most cases, average home generators will work fine to power up the deep freezer.

On average, most homes have a 7 to cubic feet capacity for deep freezers. The deep freezer is mainly known as a chest freezer. It has four different size requirements. It includes:

Size of the freezerCubic Feet measurement
Compact3 to 5 cubic feet
Small5 to 9 cubic feet
Medium10 to 15 cubic feet
LargeOver 15 cubic feet

The larger the cubic feet measurement of the freezer is, the more energy it will consume. Usually, a freezer with 3 to 5 cubic feet of interior space will require 50 to 100 watts of electricity to run. The medium-sized chest or deep freezer will need 250 to 300 watts of electricity. As you see, a chest freezer needs less energy than a full-sized refrigerator. So, you can run the deep freezer with a 2000W portable generator with ease.

However, there’s a catch. You must understand the deep freezer’s starting watts and running watts to know which size generator is ideal for it.

Starting load vs. running load of the deep freezer:

On average, a deep freezer will need 3X more electricity to start than its running electricity. It is required because the deep freezer will have to power up all its minor and major components when it starts.

That’s why you must focus on the freezer’s starting and running load requirements. As you might have already known, the starting load refers to the amount of electricity the freezer needs to start. On the other hand, running load refers to the amount of electricity the deep freezer will require to run after it starts.

The starting load required for the deep freezer is only essential for a fraction o second. Once it starts, the required load will reduce to running electricity in 1/10th fraction of the second. However, there’s a significant gap between the starting and running load of the deep freezer.

Industry experts say a deep freezer usually has a 5X starting load requirement than its running load. For instance, if a medium-deep freezer runs at 300W, its starting load will be 1500W. This data shows that you can power up a medium deep freezer with a portable 2000W generator.

However, it won’t be able to power up any big appliances later. Still, you may manage to run a microwave oven, a few LED lights, and fans for comfortable living during power cuts. That’s why industry experts and we suggest you go for at least a 4000W generator. It will help you efficiently run the deep freezer, a 1-ton air conditioner, and all fans and lights.

Facts To Look When Buying A Deep Freezer:

A deep freezer is a fantastic addition to any home to store meats, fish, and veggies for a long time. You can get all your grocery items and keep them for the entire month. So, the deep freezer frees you from visiting the local meat or fish store daily or weekly.

However, you should be careful when you purchase the deep freezer and plan to get a backup generator. You must observe the following two points to select the right deep freezer.

Cost of the appliance

The price of the refrigerator depends upon its size and features. The bigger and better the elements, the more the price will increase. If you are a buyer unaware of the features and specifications, you will be confused about which one to buy.

Think about what features you want and how big a generator you need for a deep freezer before buying. It is crucial because the bigger your deep freezer is, the more power it will need. In return, you will have to increase the size of your generator for this freezer. So, your cost will increase heftily.

For instance, you may get a 2000W portable generator for a 7.5 cubic feet deep freezer for roughly $300 to $350. On the other hand, a 4000W generator will cost you $400 to %500 or even more.

So, the best way is to combine a 5 to 9 cubic feet deep freezer with a 2000W generator. It will help you store all the food items safely as the generator is ready to back up the freezer when necessary.

Features and Specifications

It is always important to know what features you want in your appliance. For example, a good refrigerator should have temperature control, a water dispenser, an ice maker, etc. The feature you need to consider most is temperature control because it is the most crucial feature.

The other features that you must have are the door bins and drawer. These are two primary features you need to look for in any refrigerator. So, it would help if you never ignored the freezer’s key specifications and features.

When Do We Use Generators?

In cases where the grid goes down, generators come in handy. It can be for all sorts of reasons, and having one means you won’t have to worry about your food going bad because your deep freezer stopped working. Also, when it’s stormy, and there is no power, it’s common for people to use generators.

Nonetheless, there’s a catch. You don’t need to power up the deep freezer with the generator as soon as a power cut happens. A deep freezer is designed to sustain without any electricity for 12 to 16 hours. So, the food will remain safe even if there’s no electricity in your locality for hours and you don’t open the freezer. They won’t get rotten at all.

It would help if you only used the generator to power up your deep freezer when the power cut is for more than 6 hours. It will protect your stored food items in the freezer and lower your generator use. So, you will need less gasoline or propane to run the generator, saving your money.

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How Much Electricity Do Freezers Need?

Deep freezers use a lot of electricity, so you need a generator to handle the load. A typical deep freezer will use about 1200 watts of power, so you’ll want to ensure your generator can handle that much. If it can’t, you might have to get a bigger one or look for a specifically designed model to run a deep freezer.

The right side of the generator is important because the machine will face an overload issue without a suitable electrical capacity. When it happens frequently, the generator may become damaged. On the other hand, it also puts pressure on the deep freezer and causes damage to its parts, especially the compressor.

Start Shopping Generator For Your Deep Freezer:

You can start shopping for generators now that you know how much electricity your deep freezer needs. You’ll want to find a generator with a rating of at least 1200 watts. If you have a lot of appliances in your home that require power, you might want to get a generator with a higher rating. Just make sure the one you choose can handle the load of your deep freezer and other appliances.

A generator is a great way to prepare for any emergency, and it’s imperative if you have a deep freezer. Make sure you know how much electricity your freezer needs, and get a generator that can handle that load. With this information, you’ll be able to shop for the perfect generator for your home.

Types of Generators

You have to be picky when you decide to get a generator for your deep freezer. First, you must look at the types of generators available in the market. There are two types of generators. These are:

  1. Portable and
  2. Standby

In contrast to portable generators, standby generators are permanently installed. As a result, standby generators are much more expensive than portable ones, but they offer features you won’t find in a standard portable generator. Also, standby generators are larger both physically and capacity-wise.

You can choose the standby generator if you plan to power up other devices with the machine. On the other hand, you should choose a portable generator if you only need to power up the deep freezer when need be.

Key Takeaways

  • There are two types of generators: standby and portable.
  • A deep freezer uses about 1200 watts of power, so you’ll need a generator with at least that much wattage.
  • There are two types of standby generators: automatic and manual.
  • Automatic standby generators turn on during a power outage, while manual ones require someone to turn them on.
  • Portable generators can move from one place to another, while standby generators are permanently installed.
  • Portable generators are less expensive than standby ones, but they don’t offer all the features you find in a standby generator.
  • Make sure you know how much electricity your deep freezer needs, and get a generator that can handle that load. With this information, you’ll be able to shop for the perfect generator for your home.

The Best Generator To Choose For Your Freezer

If you are looking for a generator for your freezer, the inverter generators are the best ones to choose.

Inverter generators are more expensive than traditional generators, but they offer several features that make them ideal for home use. Some of these features include:

  • Quieter operation
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Parallel capability

Make sure you know how much electricity your deep freezer needs, and get a generator that can handle that load. With this information, you’ll be able to shop for the perfect generator for your home.


Now we will end our in-depth article on what size generator I need for a deep freezer. No doubt, a deep freezer is an integral part of our kitchen. It stores all sorts of foods and even a few medicines for an extended period. So, you should choose the right generator for it.

According to our research, a portable 2000W generator is enough to provide electricity to the medium-size deep freezer. However, as a safety precaution, you should use a 4000W generator. It will also allow you to use the generator for other home appliances to increase your living comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Size Deep Freezer Do I Need?

The size of the deep freezer you need depends on how much food storage space it has. You should make sure that your generator can power up all the appliances you need to run.

Which Generator Is Right For My Deep Freezer?

For a deep freezer that always has power, it’s best to get one that can handle it. A small appliance makes the generator work harder. The result is more noise and less energy for everything else in your house

How Can I Know If A Generator Will Work With My Deep Freezer?

Before you purchase a generator, it’s important to know how it will work with your deep freezer. The best way to do this is to read the owner’s manual and make sure they both use similar power.

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