What Size Generator For RV Is Recommended?

To make your RV feel like home, you have to accumulate all the necessary devices, appliances, and furniture, including a right-sized generator. Choosing the wrong size generator will be enough to ruin all the fun and relaxation. 

So, what size generator for RV is recommended?

2000-3600 watts generator for Class B RV is recommended with 1 AC unit. Class C RV with 1 AC requires a 2800-4000 watts generator. A Class A RV with 2 ACs and 2 ACs requires a 5500-8000 watts and 10000-12500 watts generator respectively. For a Fifth wheel RV with two ACs, you need a 5500-7000 watts generator. a 30 Amp and 50 Ams RV requires 4000 watts and 12000 watts generators respectively. 

To know these in detail, keep reading! 

How to Calculate the Right Generator Size for RV?

Calculate the Right Generator Size for RV

To calculate the generator size for an RV, you have to find out the power requirement for all of the electronic components of the RV. for example, the Fridge, air conditioner, TV, washer-dryer, and electronic doors. 

Then you have to sum up the total power requirement you will need at a time and choose a generator according to that. Also, remember to keep a headroom for the surge requirement.

Here, you have to consider three factors. 

Required Electrical Power Or Appliance:

Make a list of all the appliances, electronics, and systems in your RV that require electrical power. Here are the usual wattage requirements for common RV appliances. 

Appliances Wattage
AC units1200-2400 watts
Refrigerator400-1000 watts
Coffee maker900-1200 watts
Blender450-700 watts  
Microwave750-1500 watts 
Toaster800-1400 watts 
TV43-600 watts 
Radio50-200 watts
Gaming console70-180 watts 
Laptop20-50 watts
Stove900-2500 watts
Dishwasher 1200-2400 watts
Cloths iron1000-1800 watts
washer1000-1500 watts
Hair dryer 1200-1875 watts

The power requirement can be different according to the appliance’s size, brand, and model. 

Usage Pattern:

You don’t have to buy a generator to run all these appliances at the same time. Consider the usage pattern of these appliances to determine how much power you require at a time. 

Let’s assume, you will keep the refrigerator, TV and AC turned on all the time. Here go around 2000 watts. And add up the power of two or three more appliances with it which will run in turns. 

Surge Power:

Some electrical appliances like AC require different power to start than to run. In that case, you have to consider the surge power of that appliance. 

That’s how you calculate the generator size for an RV. 

What Size Generator For RV In Terms of Different Classes and AC Unit?

What Size Generator For RV

Different RV types have different space ranges and according to that, appliances are kept. So, the generator size generally varies with the RV type. Let’s discuss generator requirements for different RV sizes. 

RVGenerator size
Class B with 1 AC2000-3600 watts
Class C with 1 AC2800-4000 watts
Class A with 2 ACs5500-8000 watts
Class A with 3 ACs10000-12500 watts
Fifth wheel with two ACs5500-7000 watts

Class B Van with one AC unit:

Class B vans are for small groups of people (2-4 people) with standard bedrooms, living space, and kitchen facilities. If we consider 1 AC unit of 1500 watts, a small refrigerator, TV, and basic appliances, a generator with 2000-3600 watts should be enough. 

Here’s the breakdown = (1500 watt + 400 watt + 50 watt) = 1950 watts. 

Class C RV with one AC unit:

Class C RVs are for larger families (4-8 people) than class B RVs. So, here, you have to consider a slightly more power consumption as things like a bigger refrigerator are needed. In this RV, a 2800-4000 watts generator is sufficient, almost like a 1,500 sqft house generator requirement

Class A RV with two AC units:

Class A RVs are luxurious RVs with high facilities like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and bigger refrigerators. If you have a class A RV with 2 AC units, you need a 5500-8000 watts generator. 

Class A RV with three AC units:

If you have three AC units in your class A RV, you will need a generator of at least 10000-12500 watts. This is as big as the portable generators can get.

Fifth wheel with two AC units:

Fifth-wheel RVs are almost similar to Class A RVs, sometimes, with slightly fewer facilities. So, in these RVs, you require a 5500-8000 watts generator. 

What Size Generator For RV With Different AMP?

You can also choose the generator based on the amp of your RV. 

What Size Generator For 30 Amp RV?

For a 30 Amp RV, you need a generator with at least A 2,500-2,800-watt generator. If you want to power more appliances together, a high-quality 4000-watt generator is recommended. 

A 30 Amp has a single 30 Amp power connection with 120 V capacity. So, these RVs generated 120 x 30 = 3600-watt power at once. After considering surge power, a 4000-watt generator is most suited.  

What Size Generator For 50 Amp RV?

For one port of 50 Amp RV, you require at least a 6000 watt generator. The port is of 120 v capacity which provides (50 x 120) = 6000 watts. 

However, a 50 amp RV has two 50-Amp ports with 120 V capacity. So, (50 x 120) + (50 X 120) = 12000 watt. To be on the safe side, a 12000-watt generator is well suited. 


My discussion on what size generator for RV is recommended ends here. I hope now you can easily calculate your power requirement and choose a suitable generator for your RV. 

Talking to an experienced RV owner will help you understand the power consumption. 

That’s all. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What If You Choose the Wrong size generator for the RV?

If you choose an underpowered generator for your RV, it won’t be able to back you your appliances and the appliances will be damaged. Items that require continuous power like refrigerators, will suffer more. If the AC is overpowered, it will be more costly, heavier, and noisier.

Can You Run An RV Off Of A Portable Generator?

Yes, you can run an RV off a portable generator. However, if you require a generator with more than 12000 wattages, you can’t use a portable generator as this is their highest power. 

What Is Better For An RV A Generator Or An Inverter?

A generator is better for an RV than an inverter as a generator can back up all the power needs of an RV, although very fuel efficient, inverters don’t have enough power to completely back up an RV. 

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