What Size Generator To Run A 2000 Sq Ft House

What Size Generator To Run A 2000 Sq Ft House

Are you thinking of buying a generator for your 2000 sq ft house? Then this content can provide the best guidelines. Mainly, we will present two generators that two are best for household works. Everyone wants to buy the right generator for their house, and that is why it is vital to know that selecting a generator according to your house size. So, let’s go through the below content to know what size generator to run a 2000 sq ft house.

How Generators are Sized

Before we present the best two generators for your house, we will tell you about the generator size. Mainly, the generator sizes in kilowatts and watts. We all know that these two things are the amount of electricity, and we often notice that people focus on the physical size of the generator.

Here, we are going to share the fact and the expert opinion as well. Mainly, the capacity and the power of the generator depend on the generator watt. So, if you select the wrong generator size with less or more watts, you will not get the proper aids of the generator .

If you choose less watt than the housing requirement, you will not be able to do all the tasks. At the same time, using a vast size of the generator is a waste of energy and money for a small house.

So, go through a bit of research and find out the best generator. Also, it will be great if you buy any one generator from the below list.

Best Two Generator to Run a 2000 Sq Ft House

Most people look for a quality, cost-effective, and easy to manage generator for home use. We have researched the best and popular generator. We hope that these two generators will be very helpful for you.

1. Champion Power Equipment 100813 9375/7500-Watt Portable Generator

Firstly, we will present the Champion 100813 7500 Power Equipment portable generator. It comes with the best design that makes usage easy. Mostly, this generator comes with an OHV engine, and it is very cons-effective.

Another vital thing is that this generator is best for big appliances. So, you can easily use it to run all the necessary items of your house. In a word, you do not need to worry about the power cut problem. Also, this generator comes with a handy power start and battery.

Most of the time, people ace problems starting an engine during winter. Here, we want to tell you that this fantastic generator comes with the cold start tech that helps start your generator quickly during wintertime.

Last but not least, this generator has a control panel that will show you the updates about voltages, operating hours, frequency, etc.

2. DuroMax XP10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

Now we will talk about our second-best generator , and that is the DuroMax XP10000E generator. First of all, we want to say that it is a portable generator, and the portable features are vital for house use, and it also comes with an OHV engine that ensures maximum power.

This generator comes with 8000 watts, and that can run many items together. Another vital thing about this generator is that you do not need to spend lots of money on fuel costs.

It comes with the best handle that will help you move the generator from here to there quickly. Lastly, it is a durable generator so that you can run it for the next few years.

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How Many Watts Does It Take To Run A 2000 Square Foot House?

Mainly, which generator will be good for your house depends on the appliances of the home. However, we can estimate that how many items a 2000 sq ft house. And we can assure you the above generators are perfect for that.

How Much Power Does A 2000 Square Foot House Use?

Mainly, the 2000 square fit house needs at least 1000 kWh in one month, which means 32 kWh will be perfect for one day.

What Size Generator Do I Need For A 2000 Square Foot House?

You can select a generator that can provide1000 kWh power per month. We hope that this capacity will be perfect for the 2000 square fit house.

Final Verdict  

That’s all about what size generator to run a 2000 sq ft house. And we hope that the above segments will help you a lot when you buy a generator .

So, remember all the things so that you can buy the best generator ever for your house. If you have confusion, do not forget to do more research and talk to an expert.

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