Why Generac Generator Won’t Start

Why Generac Generator Won’t Start – Fix it With 8 Steps

If you want a generator for your home, then the Generac generator will be the best option for you. Also, you can learn the process of operating the generator. So, if there is any common problem, then you can solve it. That means you should learn why generac generator won’t start.

Sometimes the generator does not work, and you may panic, or some other issue may occur. If you know the common factors about it, you can solve it immediately. Otherwise, you will feel difficulties doing important work at that time. You should know the problem to get rid of these.

How do you fix a generator that won’t start?

There can be some different problems, and you have no idea about it. If you do not know about it, you can’t fix it as well. Here you will know about the problems and the solving process of it. So, check it out.

1. Carburetor

Moreover, the carburetor may be clogged. Clog up is a widespread problem. It happens for fuel. If you leave the fuel for a lengthy time, it may occur. Sometimes, the ingredients of fuel can sticker substance or evaporate and leave the thicker as well.

The fuel may create the problem, and the engine will not start for that. Use a carburetor cleaner for solving the problem. After you clean it, it will start. But, you should replace or change it if it does not work. Now, it will work.

2. Spark Plug

A spark plug may damage, and the generator will not start. If your spark plug damages, burns, cracks, then replace it. However, the plug may have any defect, and then use the plug tester. After that, if it does not work, change it, and adjust the new one for a better service.

3. Ignition Coil

While the engine runs, the plug receives the voltage from your ignition coil. Additionally, it may have some defects, and it will also create a problem to start the engine. Before you do it, make sure you are checking the plug works well.

Once you get confirmation, then replace it and use the tester to check it. Lastly, if you find any defect or problem the change it, and it will start properly.

4. Recoil Starter

Therefore, a recoil starter turns the crankshaft. If it has any problem or defect, then it will not do the task. So, if you notice anything like that, then check it and see it works or not. If you get any defect or it does not work, replace it.

5. Safety Switch

Additionally, you can check a safety switch with the multimeter and find out if there is any defect.

6. Start Switch

Furthermore, if your start switch does not work properly, then change it. If it has any defect, then the multimeter can find it out. So, check it with the multimeter and find out the problem. If you find it, then try to fix the problem. If you face any problem after that, replace it.

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7. Flywheel Key

However, a flywheel key looks small, and it creates with the metal piece. If your generator stops, then check it. The reason is flywheel key can break. So, check it, and if it breaks, then remove it. After you remove it, adjust the new one.

8. On-Off Switch

You can check the off-on switch with the multimeter and find out the defect or problem.


Already you know about some common problems why generac generator won’t start. If the generator has any problem like that, then the generator may not start. But do not panic about that. The generator may not start for a reason, and you know what it can be.

During the natural disaster, people use the generator as well. Most people use such kind of generator for running sensitive device while winter storms. Such as mobile, laptop or computer, heating unit, refrigerator, and much more stuff.

The generator of Generac is like other machines. Therefore, it may have some issues or problems, and sometimes it will not start at an emergency or anytime.

So, if you find anything from these, then check it and follow the instruction. Also, you know the issue, and you can work on it. Plus, it will solve your problem as well.

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