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Generac Generator Red Light On [Causes & Solutions]

If your generator’s red light indicator is lit all the time it’s indicating an internal problem. But without a specific error code, it might be hard to find the reason.

So, you may wonder, why is my Generac generator red light on?

The red light on the Generac generator triggers if it has low oil pressure. Overloading, faulty components, faulty batteries, overcrank, RPM sense loss, and lack of maintenance can also be the reason. Some of these issues can be diagnosed by the error code. The rest needs manual inspection.

That’s the gist of our today’s discussion. To learn more details on the causes and solutions read our piece till the end.

Let’s begin!

What Causes Red Light On Generac Generator

generac generator red light flashing

The red light indicator on the Generac generators triggers for the following causes. 

Causes Solution
Low oil pressureFill the oil chamber
Overload conditionCut off extra appliances
Faulty components Check the components individually to pinpoint the problem
Battery IssuesReplace battery
RPM sense lossRestart the unit manually
Overcrank Reset the control panel and restart the generator
Overdue maintenance Perform regular maintenance 

Cause 1: Low Oil Pressure

When your Generac generator is running low on oil it will flash red light. It might not be just a low oil level. The red light flashes when the oil is contaminated as well.

If there’s any issue with the pressure switch or the oil pump the red indicator flashes on. For Generac generators low oil pressure problem is referred to as problem code 1300.


If the digital display screen shows code 1300 then it is definitely a low oil pressure problem. So, first, check the oil level in your Generac generator. 

To fill the oil chamber follow the guidelines provided by the user manual. Before refilling, make sure the oil left inside is not dirty or contaminated. If it is, the rest of it needs to be replaced.

When filling the chamber be careful not to overfill. If filling oil doesn’t solve the problem then it’s probably due to the oil pump or pressure switch.

It’s better to call for professional help in such cases.

Cause 2: Overload Condition

Generator overloading is another reason for the red light flashing. When you use too many appliances on your generator, it gets overloaded.  

The generator tries to generate more power than it can produce. So the red light gets triggered. The Generac generators problem code 2100 refers to the overload problem.


First, remove the unnecessary load from your generator. Only use the appliances that you must need. Remember, the load should not be bigger than the generator can produce.

A Generac generator can provide about 22,000 watts at a time. If the problem still remains after cutting off extra appliances, you can try fixing the generator overloading problems yourself.

But if the issue seems complicated, call for a professional.

Cause 3: Faulty Components

If any components of the generator have any issues it may show a red light. Such as the control board, voltage regulator, ignition system, etc.


Check the components individually to see which one is causing the issue. If the control board is faulty it won’t power up. You can try rebooting the control panel to fix this issue.

Open the transfer case box and grab the T1 fuse that supplies 120V to the controller. Detach the ground wire from the battery. Then bring out the red fuse from the controller panel.

Make sure that the fuse isn’t blown. Wait for 2-3 minutes and then start replacing the blade fuse followed by the ground wire. Now, the control panel should reboot.

The voltage generator could be the reason if there’s an erratic change in voltage drop. Then it may need to be replaced. As for the ignition system, check the coil to test its condition.

If the coil is faulty, it’ll fail to ignite the spark plug. Test the ignition coil with a multimeter and replace it if needed.

Cause 4: Battery Problem

A bad battery or low battery power can trigger the red light on your Generac generator. It generally happens with old batteries. 


If the battery is low, your generator might fail to start. So, charge your battery first. If the battery is failing to hold the charge then it has gone bad and needs replacement. 

You can see our suggestion for Generac 22kw generator best batteries.

Cause 5: RPM Sense Loss

If your Generac generator suddenly shuts down while running it probably had RPM sense loss. Additionally, the generator will attempt for restarting. 

The red LED indicator flashes when this takes place. The error code for this is 1501/1505/1511/1515.


First, clear the alarm code by pressing the ENTER button two times. After that, press AUTO. now, cut off some of the load from your generator. Press AUTO again and then restart.

If there’s a power outage and the unit fails to start in AUTO, press the ENTER button twice. Press AUTO and then check the battery from the control panel.

To do so, go to the MAIN MENU and select the BATTERY MENU option. If it says ‘check battery,’ then replace it. If the battery is good, call in an authorized service dealer to solve the problem

Cause 6: Overcrank


The over-crank issue in the Generac generator triggers the red light indicator. When your generator over cranks it fails to start in AUTO after a power outage.

The error code for it is 1100.


To solve over crank issue, you have to reset the control panel and restart the generator. You can see the solution to the RPM sense loss problem for the resetting process.

If the generator fails to restart, then it has internal problems. Check if the gas is turned on in your generator. The handle should be lined up along the pipe if it’s on.

But if it’s lined across the pipe then the gas is not on. If the unit doesn’t respond when the gas is turned on then contact an authorized service dealer.

Cause 7: Maintenance Required

Sometimes the generator’s red light turns on due to a lack of generator maintenance. It triggers to remind of performing regular maintenance like cleaning the air filter or changing the oil.


A clogged air filter can cause a lot of problems if left alone. So clean the air filter once in 2-3 months. Follow the cleaning guidelines provided in the owner’s manual.

Also, make sure the oil is not contaminated.

Other Causes:

Some other causes like overspeed, under-speed, Undervoltage, stepper overcurrent, miswiring, overvoltage can trigger the red LED indicator. 

In these cases, the generator fails to start in AUTO along with a power outage. Your generator’s display screen will show a warning if these problems occur. 

These problems require an expert’s attention. So, in case you’re facing these problems contact an authorized service provider.

How To Reset Generac Generator Red Light?

If you ever need to reset your Generac generator’s red light, just follow these steps.

Step 1:

First, shut off the generator by pressing the OFF button. Now, press the up button twice, followed by the ESC button. Now, press the down button once and followed by the up button. Then press enter.

Step 2:

After hitting the enter button, you’ll see a dealer edit menu. Press the up button and you’ll see the Reset Maintenance option. Press enter. 
Press the ESC button until the display shows the blinking message “system”.

Step 3:

When the display shows a “system” message, press Enter and followed by AUTO. now the display will show a new message saying “Ready to run”
The status light will then turn to green from red.

Tips On Preventing Red Light In Generac Generators

To avoid error codes and flashing red lights in your Generac generator, follow these simple tips-

  • Perform regular maintenance
  • Conduct a weekly test for the generic generator to evaluate its performance.
  • Monitor the performance of your generator if any change or issue appears. 
  • Don’t let small issues unnoticed because it leads to a bigger problem later.


That was all from our end regarding the Generac generator red light on. Hopefully, our piece was able to help you figure out the problem.

Don’t try to fix the issue by yourself if the issue seems complicated. Generators are expensive, and mishandling can cause bigger losses.

It’s better to get professional help. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is there a half green half yellow light on Generac generator?

Some Generac generators show a partial green and yellow light. It indicates that your generator requires some maintenance. It doesn’t refer to any kind of error or trouble. So, no need to be alarmed. Just check the air filter, other components, and the battery.

What type of oil is recommended for the Generac generator?

It is recommended to use Generac 5W-30 or 10W-30 Full Synthetic Oil for your generator. The temperature should be above 32 degrees Fahrenheit but below 40 degrees. However, 5W-30 can be applied at any temperature. Change the oil 20-30 hours after the first fill and 1000 hours after the first change.

How to reset the yellow light on a Generac generator?

To reset the yellow light, first, turn the generator off. Then press the enter key two times. Choose the AUTO option and the light will be reset. If you’ve completed regular maintenance and it’s still lit, you can reset the yellow light.

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