How to build a wheel kit for a generator: everything you need to know

Being capable of carrying your generator, simply and easily to where it needs to, makes life much simpler. Even though some medium to large-sized generators come along with wheels attached to them, however, not all do.

Additionally, although some generators are portable and small to lift up and carry, we don’t think you would have wanted to do so for too long.

Fortunately, the salvation of these problems is wheel kits. Wheel kits can be broad or particular, to the model and make of your generator.

When you are choosing and installing your generator wheel kit, there are some things you need to acknowledge, apart from compatibility.

These incorporate characteristics you have to look for, determined by the distance you are expecting to be carrying your generator and over what terrain.

Due to the dangers associated with transporting and handling large machinery, we do not advise attempting to create your own wheel kit or trolley for your generator.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best generator wheel kits and some overturn and tricks to install the generator wheel kit. Let’s get into it!

Best generator wheel kits

A perfect generator wheel kit will fit your generator’s size and feature wheels and tires that are appropriate for the surface you will be utilizing your generator. In addition to it, most wheel kits should allow you to bring your generator around tight corners, if necessary.

Along with being durable and solid, the generator wheel kit ought also to have a handle—or handles—that are comfortable to hold. The components should be robust while also allowing for some flexibility.

How to build a wheel kit for a generator: Top Recommendation

Things to consider when purchasing generator wheels kits

Size and weight of the generator

When the generator is full of fuel, the wheel kit has to be solid enough to handle the weight of the generator.

The dimensions of the generator must fit inside the trolley frame if using a generator wheel kit designed for trolleys.

A 2-wheel generator one wheel kit will be sufficient, for some sizes of generators. For bigger generators, utilize 4-wheel kits or trolley-style kits, it’ll make it more flexible.

Quality of the wheels

The type of wheel and tires can make or break how convenient your generator will be, depending on how frequently you anticipate moving it around and over what terrain you will be utilizing it.

A wheel kit with larger wheels and sturdy rubber tires is an ideal choice if you are using a generator on rough terrain, for example, farms. For home usage, use smaller and more easy flexible wheels, it’ll make it simpler to maneuver in small areas and also will take less storage space.

Mobility factors

On generator wheel kits, some wheels do not rotate. So, if you want flexibility in small areas, this is something you have to acknowledge.

Fixed wheels can occasionally lead the generator to lean on rough terrain, which is not desirable. So, before choosing a wheel kit, ensure to acknowledge wheel mobility factors.

How to build a wheel kit for a generator?

1. Collect the following tools below:

  • screws

  • jack stand

  • screwdriver

  • lubricant

  • wheel kit

2. Attach the frame or support plate of your wheel kit to the generator support plate. This may need the usage of screws or bolts.

3. The next thing you must do is install the wheels and axle. The axles must be placed through the wheel before the wheels are fastened to the frame.

4. Then, with the jakes and stands, you must raise and lower the generator. The jacks or stands must be utilized correctly to gather the wheel kit.

5. Finally, tighten the generator’s screws all the way. To fully tighten, some of the screws might need to be greased.


It may look simpler than it is to attach a generator wheel kit. Due to the generator wheel kit weight, generators might be dangerous to install wheel kits to.

Always think about your own safety and the safety of others before attempting anything.

This article should help individuals who want to install a wheel kit themselves by offering some guidance on what to choose and how to proceed.

However, it is always preferable to speak with a technician if you are unsure.

Due to the dangers associated with transporting and handling large machinery, we do not advise attempting to create your own wheel kit or trolley for your generator.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do you put wheels on a portable generator?

There is no problem with the frame touching the ground. The electrical component won’t be impacted at all by adding wheels (wheel kit). However, it might make transportation risky, like on a trailer or in a truck.

How long should a generator grounding rod be?

At least 8 feet of dirt must be penetrated by the rod. You should confirm and abide by all applicable federal, state, and local regulations regarding grounding, which we highly advise.

Should I earth my generator?

It is not uncommon for generator operator instructions to specify that the generator frame must be linked to an earth electrode, despite the fact that doing so will have no practical effect and will not offer any electrical safety.

What is the best way to ground a portable generator?

Utilizing the cords provided by the appliance manufacturer, directly into the generator. Utilize sturdy extension cords with a grounding conductor to avoid electrocution and shocks.

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