What Size Generator For 500 Amp Service

What Size Generator For 500 Amp Service?

You have to run a 120kW generator if you’re using a 500 amps service. When you visit a good generator seller, they’ll ask you some questions. The questions include: Average usage: Standby generator, Emergency Backup, or Prime generator? What is the most appropriate fuel for your location: Natural Gas, Diesel? Do we know the average Power Factor of the load? If the entrance is 500 amps, how much will you really use? So, before you look for some other things, let’s know more about: what size generator for 500 amp service.

What Is The Largest Load To Start

You may have more questions, depending on some of these responses. The major difference between a “Primary Generator” and a “Standby Generator” is the component’s “Derating.” There is also a standby and an emergency rating for many primary generators. (Nevertheless, cheaper Emergency and Standby Generator are never prime duty rated)

EX 1: A backup generator may run with a capability of 3000 RPM and 130 kW. It can work for a couple of weeks with a constant load of up to 80%.

EX 2: 120 kW or a standby generator with a capacity of 175 kW.

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The Bottom Line

So, in short, you learned things about: what size generator for 500 amp service. With 1800 RPM, this same generator is an engineer who supplies 120 kW per 24 hours a day for numerous years, up to a load of 100%. (This is except a mandatory stop for the maintenance). It may also be used for 175 kW (220 kVA) but as an emergency generator for several hours.

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