What Size Generator For 600 Amp Service?

A 600 Amp service is quite a substantial electricity-consuming service in your space. It will power up multiple devices for proper operation. So, when you get the generator for such a big power service, you must be careful. It is crucial as you must choose the right generator size for the service. So, what size generator for 600 Amp service is accurate?

We have talked with the generator and electricity experts to find the answer. Also, we have discussed the applicable generator requirement with the actual users of 600 Amp services.

As our research shows, you’ll need a generator of 250kW for 600 amps service panel. It’s because the KW load is 208V X 600A X 1.73 (it’s for the 3 phase), which is equal to 215.905kW. You can enable full-circuit coverage with a non-service rated automatic transfer of 600 amps.

When your space has a 600 Amp service, you will need consistent and optimal electricity to run the service. It will be useless if your generator fails to provide the 600 Amp service with the required electricity.

So, let’s take this discussion deeper.

What Does 600 Amp service Mean?

You must understand its meaning when looking for a 600 Amp service generator. Otherwise, you can’t determine the actual wattage requirement of the service. As a result, you will fail to get an accurate generator size.

Usually, 600 Amp service refers to the 600 amperes of current flow through the electric line in one second. However, the actual wattage capacity of the system will also depend on its volt and associated resistance.

For this 600 Amp service, we will count “3 phases” and use it to convert its electricity requirement. The calculation will showcase the result on “Kilo-watt (KW),” so you may understand it with ease.

What Size Generator For 600 Amp Service Is Correct?

As you determine the actual wattage requirement for the generator, you must convert it to the wattage. It is essential because the generator size is distinguished by its wattage capacity. It is never linked with the physical size of the generator.

So, let’s see how much electricity a 600 Amp service requires to run appropriately. For this, you will need the following facts:

  1. Its voltage requirement. In this regard, the 600 Amp service uses 208V through its line.
  2. Next, you must know its amperage capacity, which is 600 for a 600 Amp service. So, you shouldn’t have a problem understanding it.
  3. Next, you must determine the service’s number of phases. You should also know the required phase number regarding the line. So, let’s calculate it.

So, let’s calculate it.

KW Load= 208 (V) X 600 (A) X1.73

It is equivalent to 215.905kW. Thus, a 600 Amp service will require approximately 216KW of electricity load to run correctly. Therefore, you might think a generator with a 215KW load will be ideal for the service.

Well, in reality, it is not. When you run a generator, it will not transform all its actual power into the load capacity. Usually, there’s a 15% to 20% power loss when the generator converts its actual power capacity to load capacity.

Taking it into account, we recommend you get a generator with a 250KW load capacity for the 600 Amp service panel. It is enough because, like the generator, the 600 Amp service panel will also lose a bit of power. It can handle around 550 Amps of current in reality without inconvenience.

Now, you should know how much electricity the generator needs to deliver to run a 600 Amp service panel. Also, remember that this extensive service panel is mainly for commercial and residential applications. So, it is understandable why you will need such a massive generator.

The attachment must be correct when you use the generator with the service panel. Or else the system may fail to work properly.

It’s possible when another main disconnect has been correctly installed in its field. All homes’ system of standby power requires a transfer switch. This is how your generator ensures that the electricity will remain when needed. If there is a failure – switch the circuits of your house from the grid to your generator.

This switch may place indoors or outdoors with a Nema 3R steel box. So, before you look for something else, let’s turn our focus on the related facts of a 600 Amp service panel and generator. It should help you know the precautions you must take to permit the system to run to its total capacity and without further inconvenience.

Generator For 600 Amp Service

Choosing the right sized generator for a 600 Amp service isn’t enough. You must also pick the right generator technology for the generator. Or else, you can end up choosing an inappropriate generator for the service panel.

It will be a dearly cost because 600 Amp service panel generators are a huge investment. In addition, even moving the generator is a tricky one. So, you might have to spend heavily even for replacing the generator if you have chosen the wrong one.

Following it, we have researched deeply and found that a generator with DPM technology will work best for the immense service panel.

DPM technology – Load management systems operate together to avoid heavy appliance loads from overloading a generator. By using digital power technology (DPM), this switch can handle up to four separate loads without extra hardware, including the usage of 4 HVAC (24 VAC regulated).

So, DPM is available for multiple loads of air conditioners (up to 4). “Shed” charges are on four levels of priority. With the most efficient power management choices with the help of intelligent management modules, up to 8 other loads may handle.


That’s all about the question, “What size generator for 600 amp service is correct?”  Of course, at 60 or 600 amp, caution must be taken. But 600 is harder…just as 60 Amp; it is more complicated than 20 Amp. So, it’s like steps before a moving vehicle, a truck, or a train; they all kill you.

Also, 600 Amp service panels aren’t for residential uses primarily. Instead, you will see their usage mostly in commercial and residential spaces. So, when you work with such an extensive system, you must be careful in installing and using it accurately. Or else it runs the risk of electrifying you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many watts is a 600 amp service?

The wattage capacity of the 600 service panel will depend on its voltage capacity. If the panel uses 120V, its wattage capacity will be 72000W. On the other side, for a 220V line, its actual wattage capacity will be 132000W. As you see from the numbers, this service panel isn’t for residential applications.

How many volts is a 600 amp service?

For 600 Amp service, you will mostly see either 277V or 488V lines. However, the actual voltage will depend on the type of devices you will power up with the service panel and its actual load capacity. So, you must choose the right generator size with the proper load capacity for the service panel.

How many volts is a 3 phase?

A 3 phase system can easily accommodate up to 415 volts. It actually comprises three separate conductors. So, it can transmit higher electricity levels and provide better consistency for properly connected services.

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